Day 74, June 16, 2012

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        I heard someone say, "excuse me sir".... I sat up from a sleep. A man walked up to me. He was a tall black man in a suit. For some reason I had the feeling that he was the guy from the night before. I asked him if he came by last night, and he said yes.
        He asked if I was ok? And I said yes and told him I was just traveling through and took the cover there from the storm last night. He was the pastor there and was actually hoping I hadn't left yet. He sat there and talked to me for about a half an hour. I told him how the night before he had freaked me out and I was ready to defend myself If someone had come back to mess with me. And that I was glad I didn't. He answered some really tough questions I had about faith and something that really stuck with me. He pointed out how the night before when I prayed and went to sleep just trusting god would keep me safe, that I put faith in him to protect me. I didn't know he would. I just in a way took the chance to believe I would be fine. And in that trust I was able to sleep very well.
         When I left there I headed up to a McDonald's a mile and a half ahead on the 80 in the middle of Marshall TX. I was going to charge up there and then get my day planned out. But when I sat there and was ready to leave, I lifted my head from looking down at my iPod, and it was pouring rain outside! So I was stuck there until it stopped. It was odd since the weather on the Internet said it would be clear all day. Ironic.
         So I sat there. About 10 minutes later the father/son team came walking in! They were going to be in there waiting out the rain also. So funny how we stop at the same place. So we visited there a while before they took off  in their van.
        I ended up staying there all day. Wasn't to happy I didn't move much, but the weather had other plans. It did stop storming, but by that time it was already almost 4 and couldn't make the long stretch before the next town. So I decided I would stay there on the west end of Marshall that night and get an early jump the next morning.
         I left McDonald's at around 10. I walked to a park about 4 blocks down where I was planning to maybe stay. When I got there I had about 5 dogs barking at me, and didn't want people to come out of their houses and see me. And it was also not the nicest area. So I kept walking west back along the 80.
         I got to a church and found a little walkway where I could hide out. I made my bed there on the concrete. I wanted to make sure I was up early enough to not be woken up by people coming to the Sunday morning service. So I tried to fall asleep. It was a cool night. A breeze blew also. There were some little bugs crawling around on me and biting me most of the night so I didn't get to bed until about midnight.

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