Day 58, May 31, 2012

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On Day 58 I woke up as I felt the rain on my neck. It was coming through the net I was wearing. I sat up and it was sprinkling down. I packed up quickly before it got heavier and soaked me. It was early. About 7:20 am.
      I headed back into the McDonald's to check the weather. It looked like a good chance of showers all day and a thunder storm warning was in effect. So I just decided I would play it safe and take another day off. I don't like taking all the time off but with the weather and my feet I guess I could afford the rest. And also, I'm in no hurry anyway. The next town was a stretch and on my gps it didn't look like there was much along the way. Wouldn't be good to get caught in a storm.
       So I ended up sitting there most the day. I ordered off the dollar menu and decided to take a nice day to eat good and relax. I sat there writing journals and using the internet til about 5. I was having trouble uploading videos using the McDonald's wifi, so I headed across the street to try the Wendy's wifi.
        On the walk over there I had 2 people pull over and hand me money. The walk was literally 100 yards. Two ladies pulled over and gave me $12 and then right after a guy and his girlfriend pulled over and gave me $10. Right as I was thanking the guy with his girlfriend a guy walked by with a guitar and a pack. He had torn clothes and looked homeless himself. So as soon as the people who helped me pulled away, I walked over to him and gave him $5. Pay it forward.
         The guy was 22 and was hitchiking from Atlanta to Texas. He was trying to get home to his family and didn't have much. We talked about how life is out here and how close to God you feel when you have nothing. Also how people always have your back without asking. He was a nice dude. We shook hands and said bye.
        I went into the Wendy's and right when I got in there it started pouring rain. It was extremely heavy and it started hailing too. All of a sudden it got really windy and thunder was roaring. I sat there and all of a sudden...BOOM!!! It sounded like a shotgun went off right above me! The music in the Wendy's shut off and the place rattled. The lighting must of struck the Wendy's or the gas station it was connected to! It was intense. So I sat there and watched the storm.
          After the storm passed it was around 7. I needed to go to Walmart for some washers to fix my wheels on my cart. So I headed there. The rain stopped and it was clearing.
         I left Walmart and headed down the road to get back along the highway. There was a church about 3 miles ahead where I would bunk up for the night. The walk there was pretty crazy. I couldn't walk a half mile without someone pulling off to take a picture with me and they said they saw me on the news. It was crazy! But cool also. And tons of people honked and waved. So weird to me...
         So I got to the church and there was only cover in the front. It still said chance of rain at night so I wanted to make my bed under a cover. I made my bed even though I was right by the highway. I was just lucky enough that the positioning of the bushes were angled just right to keep me out of sight of the passing cars. I stayed low and laid there out of sight. It was cool outside and it felt good! I eventually went to sleep around 11.


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