Day 51 / May 24, 2012

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 I woke up on day 51 in Edwards MS. I was behind a church sleeping up against a small fenced area around a drainage. It was about 8:30 and it was already getting hot. When I woke up there were a few mesquito bites on my face and I also felt my eye not opening all the way again. I felt my eye lid and it was also bitten. But it was not swelled shut like before and didn't seem bad.
       I got up and packed up. I looked around the church for a charger and a water spicket but the church didn't have any. It was pretty old. So I headed out and figured I would try and find somewhere to fill up before I was out of Edwards. I came to a church ahead about a half mile. It was bigger and newer. I went up and there was an outlet there. I plugged in and then also found a water spicket around the back of it. I filled my water jugs but the water was really green. Even after I ran it for 5 minutes it was still pretty green. I filled them up anyways and figured if I passed another place I could refill them.
         So I headed out again. I walked towards the end of town and right before the open road there was one last church. I found a spicket and poured my bottles out to refill them. But again, the water was still green. At that point I just hoped that was just the way the towns water was, and that it was still ok to drink. So I filled them all again and walked west,
       As soon as I got out of town the country side was beautiful. The highway was old looking and the whole walk was really pretty. I was taking tons of pictures, so many that my pace was pretty slow. It seemed like every 5 minutes I saw something more beautiful and snapped another picture.
       There were hardly any cars and it was peaceful. I would walk stop and go slowly for the next 5 miles. I came to a bridge and just as I approached it a man pulled off and gave me a country style lunch. Complete stranger. It was potatoes, Mac and cheese, peas, and a biscuit. It was the bomb diggity. I pulled off and sat up on the rail of the bridge and ate it. Really peaceful.
       After that I continued. My knees felt good and all around I was feeling ok. I walked about another 3 miles when I decided to take a break. I was at another bridge and pulled off right after it under some shade trees. It was real quiet and nice there. I had a blister starting on my left foot ring toe, and on my right heel. Not bad but I could feel them slowly coming on. So I patched them up a little and then also taped my shoe soles for a fresh coat. I sat there about an hour. Then before I left I hiked down under the bridge where I took an amazing peaceful dump by the creek. It was epic.
           I walked a few more miles when the 80 came back right next to the 20. So I stopped there at a gas station to get a drink. It was hot and something sweet sounded good. So I bought a fanta and sat inside there on a bench to drink it. When I was there I heard a lady at the register didn't have enough to pay for her drink and snack. She looked ragged and possibly homeless, so I hurried to grab a bar in my backpack. I ran up and gave it to her. It was the same as the bars I've been giving out to  homeless and has a $5 McDonald gift card and $5 cash with it. She was so thankful.
         I sat there a while and charged my electronics. After a while the sun started to set. There was a church across the way so I headed over there. It was a really good spot to stay. I made a bed and laid down. It was a nice easy day and everything went well. I fell asleep around 11.


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