Day 65, June 7, 2012

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 It was day 65. I was sleeping behind an apartment complex office building. Behind that was a field with cows in it. I was just outside of a little town, Simsboro LA. I rolled over to my other side and right as I get settled on that side, I saw a man walk back around the corner and look at me. He said "hello".
        I sat up and said hi. I explained to him what I was doing there. Luckily it was a small town and I name dropped some of the people I met the night before. He knew the people I had met and I think that helped him to be ok with me sleeping there. He said he thought I was a dead body when he came around and saw me. He said it was no problem and walked back to the front.
       I wanted to get up and leave since it wasn't really a good place to stay in the first place. I was EXHAUSTED! I didn't know how I was going to get through the day. I was so tired I couldn't even stand up without losing my balance. I didn't sleep well with the dog keeping me up most of the night.
       I packed up and it was hard just to do that. I walked to the front and had to toss my pair of shoes. It was a sad thing for some reason, but I tossed them out and finally put on the new Asics that someone gave me in Mississippi. And man they were comfortable.
       They man who woke me up came out to ask questions. He said he actually saw me a couple towns east the day before in Ruston. He gave me a couple waters and invited me in the office. He was the property manager. We sat in his office and talked about my journey. He really admired what I was doing. That was cool.
       So after about 15 minutes I took off down the highway 80. I was so beat and was just looking for a place to get to where I could go back to sleep. I was barely able to keep my eyes open. I was literally just looking for a place hidden to pass out. Anywhere.
        I walked about 4 miles. I found a driveway where there wasn't a mailbox. So I thought it was public and laid in some weeds behind a tree. I was in some weeds and laying on my jacket. I noticed a red truck pulled off in the driveway a couple times and wasn't sure why. Then about 30 minutes later I woke up hearing another car pull off. I looked up and it was actually the same truck. Then behind him a cop pulled off. The man in the truck said "there he is".
          I didn't know what was going on but the cop walked up and asked for my license. I was pretty confused. He took it back to his car and got in. The truck took off. And I was so tired I laid back down. I kept thinking I was dreaming. But when I would open my eyes the cop was still there. Finally about 20 minutes later the cop came out, gave me my license and said sorry to bother you. He got in his car, spun his tires and took off down the road petal to the metal. I went back to sleep.
        I slept for about 2 hours when I kept getting bit by aunts. It was getting to be too often and it was like the aunts were making their way to me. I got up and was still really tired and wore out. And now I had a headache from laying my head on the ground. I walked towards Arcadia. It was a few miles up and I wanted to find a church. So I toughed it out and walked til I came to a church east of Arcadia. It was such a good feeling to finally get there.
        I laid on the side of the church on concrete between the building and a bush. Luckily it was cool weather and I was able to go to sleep. I fell asleep around 12 and slept til 6.
        When I woke up I felt so much better. I didn't know if I would stay there or get to Arcadia. I ended up getting up and heading to town. I came up to a laundromat. I went in and plugged my stuff in to charge. After charging them I went to a church in town. It was a good spot to sleep and was well hidden. I was still tired so I went to bed around 10.


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