Day 50 / May 23, 2012

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On day 50 I woke up right behind a dumpster that was behind a Starbucks in Clinton MS. I surprisingly slept pretty well there and the bugs were not too heavy that night. When I woke up it was around 9 and I took my time packing up and getting ready.
        I headed down the road back towards highway 80. I stopped at a walgreens to pick up some glucosamine and new gel inserts for my shoes. I still have a stash of money from people pulling over along the trip, so I used about $30 to get that stuff. I sat outside on the curb to put the gel inserts in. When I was done I got on the 80 and walked west.
        I walked about 4 miles west when I passed an intersection that was an exit for the interstate 20. The 20 was right next to the 80 that I walked on. As I passed it there were signs on the 80 that said it was a dead end. My gps showed that it went through but it didn't look like it did. So I tried looking up an alternative route but there was nothing unless I wanted to walk an extra 5 miles. And there was no way I wanted to.
        At this point I wasn't 100% sure if it was legal or not to walk along the interstate in Mississippi. I know some states you can. But I doubted it was legal here. But I got on it anyways and figured I would walk just to the next exit. So I got on and was walking along a very wide shoulder along the 20. It was maybe 4 miles to the exit where I would get off. I hoped I wouldn't see any cops and risk getting a ticket or having to be escorted off.
         About 2 miles in a big red truck pulled off behind me and honked. I turned around and went back. He handed me a cold water and then a wad of cash. There were a lot of bills and a 20 on the outside. I thought it was a bunch of $1 bills inside a $20. He said to pull off at the next exit and get some food. I was really thankful and happy! He warned me that the next town (Edwards) was not a good place and to pass right through if I can. I hear that everywhere and am always warned for what's ahead. And it's never what people make it seem. So I wasn't too worried. When he drove off I pounded the cold water. Then I looked through the wad and it was $98!!! I was shocked!
           I got to the next exit and got off. The 80 continued from there and I was back on track. I walked a few miles and it was about 2pm when I usually like to take a break to avoid walking during the hotter part of the day. I sat under a shade tree and relaxed. About 5 minutes into the break a truck stopped next to me and asked if I wanted left over rice from a combination plate. I was so hungry by then and didn't eat all day yet so I said yes. They gave it to me and drove off. I devoured that rice in about a minute. It was very good.
         I started walking again around 4. As I started walking an old man pulled next to me and handed me a coke and a box of cookie bars. He asked where I was going and I said I was walking to CA. He thought I was insane and I don't think he believed that I walked this far already. He took off laughing. I pounded the cold coke and put the cookie bars in my cart.
         I finally got to Edwards. There was a gas station there with an outlet outside. I sat there and charged up. It was about 6pm. I stayed there a while then headed down the street to a church where I was going to try and sleep. The town was very small and pretty poor looking. Mostly trailer homes near the church I went to. The church was actually a good spot. I went behind it and was well hidden from any houses around. I made my bed there and fell asleep around maybe 11.


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