Day 57, May 30, 2012

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 So I woke up on day 57 and my feet felt a little better. When I woke up it was around 8. The courtyard was pretty hidden so I decided I could take a quick shower with the hose and get away with it. So I stripped down to my under garments and sat behind a bush to stay hidden. I stretched the hose out and sat there and washed myself. I had a small bar of soap someone gave to me that I used to scrub myself. It felt good and refreshing. After the shower I quickly changed into fresh clothes. Then I washed the clothes I was wearing with the hose and the soap the best I could.
         After that I packed up to head out. I put the hose back, packed my stuff, and draped my wet clothes I just washed over my cart for the walk so they could dry.
         I headed down the road around 10:00am. I started walking and my feet quickly became tender again. But not in too much pain. I walked a good pace and wanted to get to Rayville LA which was about 17 miles away. It was pretty hot so I drank plenty of water and kept my towel over my head and kept it wet.
          About 5 miles in a lady pulled over and she gave me $7. She was a stranger who just wanted to help. She said God bless and drove off. It was cool.
          So I walked non stop all the way to Rayville as I wanted to get there early so I could get to a McDonald's and beat the hot part of the day in air conditioning. I got to Rayville around 4pm. The McDonald's was about 2 miles into town so I headed towards it. My feet were hurting pretty good by now and couldn't wait to get there.
        When I got to McDonald's my feet were just ready for a needed break. Since I walked straight that day with no breaks it probably pushed them a little hard. So I sat in McDonald's and slipped my shoes off. I hoped nobody sat next to me as my feet stank!
         As I sat there for about 15 minutes all of a sudden a man walked around the corner and said Nick?". I said "ya?". It was a guy from the CBS news station a few towns over in Monroe LA. He was following me on twitter and wanted to do a story. I usually update my day on twitter so he knew I was at McDonald's. So they asked if I could go outside with them to do some recording and an interview. So I said no problem and went with them to do it. I was a little shocked they came out but it was cool. It was also funny to see the people who looked at me funny in McDonald's to all of a sudden be so curious.
       After the interview the news guy said he would love to buy me something, so I let him buy me an ice cream Sunday. They were pretty cool and also gave me a reflective vest to wear at night if I walk. They also said that the next day it was going to rain and storm and that I might want to seek cover for the day.
       So I went back in and sat down to relax again. All the people inside we're coming up and asking my what my story was? And the workers came up as well and said if I needed any food to let them know. It's so funny that I sleep behind dumpsters and get treated that way. It's ironic to me and makes me laugh. This world is a funny place at times.
          So when it started getting dark I headed outside and the only spot out of sight to sleep was behind the McDonald's dumpster. So I made my bed back there and noticed a litter of kittens living out of the dumpster. I hoped they wouldn't mess with me. I laid down and the mesquitos were heavy. I grabbed one of the head nets someone gave me the day before and threw it on over my hat. I laid down and went to sleep there at about 11.


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