Day 55, May 28, 2012

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 I woke up on day 55. My first thought was that I hoped my feet felt better. They did. They were still pretty sore and a little tender. But nothing like yesterday. I got up and looked around. I was in the wide open and was pretty surprised I hadn't been approached by anyone yet. It was around 8am.
         I packed my things up and went over to the church where I found an outlet. I plugged in while I got ready. I used some superglue that I picked up the night before when I left the KFC/taco bell at a general store on the way to the church. I used the superglue to seal my blister up. I let my feet air out while the glue dried. Then I bandaged them up also. I brushed my teeth, filled my waters at a spicket there, and then took off.
          It was pretty warm that day and I had 20 miles ahead of me to the next town. It was getting hot fast, so I used a little towel I had and poured water over it. Then I placed it on my head and put my hat over it. Definitely cools me down a little.
         My feet were feeling decent, not great. I trekked about 5 miles where I pulled off to take a break. I sat under a shade tree and drank some water. It was really warming up now so I re-soaked the towel and took off again. I walked another 5 miles and again took a small break where I drank water and wet the towel. The towel was drying fast with the heat and was I trying to keep it wet without using too much water.
        It was around 2:30 so I sat right next to the highway again for a midday break. I was in the shade and it was still brutally hot. I laid there and napped for about an hour.
         I woke up at around 3:30 and had about 7 miles to go. I hadn't eaten at all yet and was feeling weak. Just then a car pulled over and gave me some fresh mozzarella sticks from sonic, 2 sodas, and some Oreo snacks. I was so thankful and pretty much inhaled them right when they drove away. It was so good.
        Just as the sun was setting I was approaching Delhi, LA. The first thing I came to after an entire day of NOTHING was a Mexican restaurant. Since I was still very hungry I stopped there to order something a la carte and fill up on chips and salsa. I planned to sleep across the street where there was a closed down building. So I ordered 2 enchiladas for $2.95 and ate a bunch of chips.
       I had someone on twitter that wanted to have me on his radio show that night so I asked the waiter if they had a phone I might be able to use. I told him it was for a radio show and he looked at me and my cart like I was on crack. Then I showed him videos and told him what I'm doing and then he came around. He let me use the phone.
        So I did the radio show and answered their interesting questions about my journey. I noticed the waiter was close by and I think he was listening. After the radio show I told him thanks and got up to pay. He wouldn't let me. I insisted and he said my money won't work there! I said thanks and walked out. That was nice!
        I walke across the street and found a spot behind a dumpster that was hidden. I made my bed and laid down. About 10 minutes later a truck pulled up full of guys. At first I was confused, then I noticed it was all the Mexican waiters in the truck. They were just closing and saw me walk over by the dumpster and lay down. The waiter I had said "hey! Come over behind the restaurant. I have a place you can sleep that has air conditioning". I thought to myself, no way. So I jumped up and walked back across the street. It was still in the country and those two places were all that was around.
      When I walked over there he said to stay in the trailer. I was so happy to have air conditioning as it was very hot outside and I was already soaked in the 10 minutes I was out there. A guy went in to turn on a swamp cooler. The guy said they would be there early in the morning and that they will see me then. He said to sleep as long as I want! It was awesome! I was really happy!
       The trailer was old and was pretty stripped inside. But to me it was nice! I left my cart outside but brought a few things in with me incase someone came bye and saw it. I was tired so I laid down on a plywood bed that had a bunch of blankets on it. It was soft from what I was used to. I stretched out and was very thrilled.
         My twitter began to blow up with people who heard me on the radio. It was cool and my support was growing by the minute! I ended up going to sleep in cool temperature around 11pm. It was a good ending to a long hot day of walking.


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