Day 72, June 14, 2012

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 I woke up under my tarp about 7 miles from the Texas state line. I had made it through the night and stayed dry. I was very tired and did not sleep well at all. And after I packed up I realized the spot I was laying on had a bunch of broken glass. And I had a few cuts on my knees from it. I thought they were bugs biting me but it turns out it was the glass pushing on my skin and when I would slide my knees around when on my stomach, it would cut my skin a bit.
          So I got up slowly. I was very tired and did not have good rest. I packed up my things slowly and got on the road. I walked about 3 miles up where I came to an exit where the 80 crossed over highway 20. There was a rest stop and also a Mexican restaurant there. I was hungry and decided to pull the Mexican restaurant trick. So I stopped there and ordered a soda and filled up on chips and salsa. It's an all you can eat meal and drink for about $3. Not the best of nutritional value, but for survival mode it will get me the calories to keep moving. I also charged my things there before heading down the road.
         I walked the last bit of Louisiana. When I approached the Texas state line ahead I began to get goosebumps and felt a surge of adrenaline. That feeling alone makes all the hardships of this journey worth while. I can't imagine a feeling better than that. Even if there is, I just can't fathom it. Just before coming to the sign a man pulled off. He got out and asked if I was ok in a concerned way. I told him yes very excitedly. And shared with him proudly that I have walked from the ocean and was about to cross into Texas all and only via walking. He went wild! He asked why and my story really touched him. He shared a similar story about him being homeless before after a tough split up with his wife. And how he called out for gods name and then it changed his life! He now has 3 jobs and is going in a much better direction. It was a special encounter. He was so exited and so was I. He sat there and watched me walk to the sign and was almost as exited with me about meeting me at that moment!
        As I got to the sign the surge turned more into a confusion. I didn't even know how I felt. I felt a bunch of things but couldn't identify them and could hardly think. Even taking the video there, I didn't really have words to say. It felt very different.
       So there I was. 72 days now and I have walked one step at a time from the Atlantic ocean to the middle America state of Texas. It is pretty wild and I am thankful to god first and foremost for the very weird reason that I am doing this. Not sure why he planted the seed in my head to do this but it has grown into something I can't be more thankful for than I am! I'm not sure where he is going with this plan, but I'm along for the ride and all he has in store for me.
          So after crossing the line I walked into the town of Waskom TX. As I came to the town a black SUV pulled over and called me over. A guy handed me $10 and said god bless. He asked where I was going and I told him how far I walked. He then was amazed and grabbed another $20 to hand me. I told him no way! And that the $10 was more than enough. I told him to help someone else with the $20 for me! He smiled and said "I like that".
        Another mile or so into the town a guy jumped out of a parked big rig truck and crossed the street to me. He walked over and handed me a $5. He said god bless and I said the same to him. I kept going.
       I got to a church on the west side of town. I set up a bed next to it along the wall next to an outlet. It was just trees next to it so nobody would see me. I laid down and got comfortable. Just when I thought it was a good spot, I saw a man on a lawn mower pass bye the front of the church along the highway. He was cutting the grass and would soon pass where I was laying. I was bummed out (no pun intended). So I packed up quickly and snuck to the highway when he was mowing away from me.
        I headed to a church down the road that I walked across. I didn't know it was there but I got lucky. I went behind it and it was another hidden spot. There were no outlets there. I made my camp out a ways behind the church by the trees and as the sun set I laid there and eventually fell asleep.


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