Day 63, June 5, 2012

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 I woke up on day 63 at around 9. When I woke up I was directly on the concrete. My sleeping bag was next to me and I was skin on concrete. It's crazy how I have adapted to be able to sleep on a rock hard surface. Or maybe I'm just so tired each night that I sleep over discomfort. Either way when I woke up I was a little surprised.
         I sat up and it was already hot. It makes me think ahead to texas and how it's going to be when I have to sleep in the desert and wake up to hundred degree plus days. I have really just winged so much of this trek and somehow continue to be ok. The desert and heat of traveling to the west is a little nerve racking, but I still find a sense of trust deep inside. Even if something happens I know whatever it is I still have God by my side. And with that I can get through whatever my life brings. Even failure.
        I got up and packed up. I walked to the back of the church and drenched my head with water out of the faucet. It was cold and I splashed my face with my hands full of the water. This feeling of refreshment eases my mind of worries. I enjoyed the wet cool feeling on my body. I filled up my water jugs and was ready to head out. I packed my cart up and walked to the highway and headed west.
         It was gonna be a hot day. Maybe the heat is good as I will need to get used to the conditions and how to survive walking in them. I had also soaked my towel before I left and had that draped over my head as I began walking. That helps me stay cool. I walked towards Ruston, LA.
       I walked a couple hours when a guy pulled off. He had some waters and gave me 3 bottles. At this point my waters were hot from the sun, so I chugged a water he gave me as it was a little cooler than mine. With the other 2 I poured them into one of the bottles I had already drank.
       A few more miles down the road I was getting really hungry and still hadn't eaten. I was planning to stop around 3 to sit out the hot hour between 3-4 as I usually try to do. Just as it was getting close to 3, a car pulled off at 2:45 and handed me a bag of food! It was a box of breakfast pastries, and a bunch of waters. Great timing and I was ready for a break.
         I found a tree next to the highway with shade. I was in a stretch of nothing so there was not anything around but forest. I laid my jacket down and sat on it. I ate 3 of the pastries and downed 2 waters. Then I laid down and rested my eyes. The heat was still making my entire body sweat even in the shade. It was a tough day.
         When I got up I was ready to continue. I didn't feel great but I needed to continue towards Ruston. I kept walking. I headed west on the 80. I walked at a slow pace and stopped often to re wet my towel for my head. It seemed to get hotter as the evening set in.
        About 5 miles up a truck turned around. It was a lady and she gave me a few dollars. She was very intrigued with my travels. She offered me more money but I told her the few dollars was plenty!
        Another mile up or so I was starting to feel a little light headed. I drank water. I felt like I was ready to fall asleep but not sure why. Another car stopped and it was 2 ladies. They gave me a dollar and said they saw me on the news! They said they would pray for me. I continued.
        About 2 more mile up a truck pulled off and it was a really pretty girl. She said she didn't have anything except a soda. Thank god, because all I craved was a soda! I pounded it and talked with her. She was really nice and also said she would be praying for me.
       I came to the east side of Ruston. Just when the houses started appearing along the highway. I wanted to take a break as soon as I saw a place with an outlet. I stopped at a building that had one. It was closed and I sat there charging my stuff and drank some water. Then all off a sudden I heard something loud! I turned my head and it was 2 cop cars sliding into the rock driveway in from of the building. They slid to a stop and 2 more cars slid in behind them. They jumped out and came towards me! I was confused!
        As they came at me they said are you breaking in?!? I calmly stood there and said no. They said they had a call that I was breaking into the building. I laughed and said no, I wasn't. They saw my stuff charging and my cart and then calmed down. I told them I had no reason to break into anywhere. I was pretty taken back. They asked for my ID and within a couple minutes they knew I was being honest. They didn't even run my license and then said sorry. They went across the way to a driveway and stopped at the house there. I figured those people must have called the cops. Just before they pulled up I did go behind the building to the woods and take a massive dump. Then it clicked in my head that when I walked behind the building they must have thought I was trying to break in. I wasn't upset. Just confused. Then that made sense.
        So I took off from there. I headed into Ruston. When I got there I came to a laundromat. It was right along the 80 and I needed to wash my sleeping bag. So I stopped there and did a wash. I stayed there til about 10pm. Then I went behind it and there was nothing in sight. So I made my bed there and went to sleep around 11.


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