Day 64, June 6, 2012

share and show love
On Day 64 I heard rain drops start to fall on me. It got heavy fast. I got up quickly and pulled my tarp out of my cart. I gathered my things and brought them closer to my tarp. Then I spread the tarp and put it over my cart and my bed. I looked at my iPod and it was 3:30. I was drained. I went back to sleep as the rain fell on my cart.
       I woke up in the morning at around 9:30. It was warming up in my little tarp fort. I got out and packed my things. I was pretty tired still. I went back into the laundromat to charge my stuff while I brushed my teeth and filled my waters.
       I left at around 10. I walked through Ruston. I was walking past a store when a lady called me from the side door. She came out and gave me $13. She was just a stranger and wanted to help me. She was so cool!
      I walked past Louisiana Tech and their football field. After the campus was a stretch of country until the town of Grambling. I walked all the way to Grambling and then decided to take a break. I sat along side the road and drank some water. After about 15 minutes I continued.
        I walked from there towards Simsboro. The walk was up rolling hills and I was working. I got about half way there and was starving. So I pulled off to eat some bread and drink water for a break. And if you have ever eaten a store bought loaf of bread, you can imagine it was pretty dry and tasteless. But it was fuel and I needed it.
         As I closed in on Simsboro my knees began to hurt. I had about 3 miles until I was there so I kept going. Then rapidly my knees were becoming more and more painful. Both of them. It was weird and totally unexpected. I stopped to stretch a little and take a breather. Then continued. They were still hurting, and now it was going down my leg under my knee. I wasn't too happy and was thinking my shoes may have gone as far as they can go. I was thinking it probably had a lot to do with it.
       I stopped at a restaurant in Simsboro. And in fact, that was pretty much all there was there. It didn't open til 5 so I waited out front on a bench and charged my stuff. At 5 I went inside. There was one guy sitting in there and it was the owner. He asked me some questions and he was a real good guy. He was really interested in my story and wanted to know if I would go to the church across the way that night to share it. I said no problem. He then fed me a huge free meal. A hamburger that was enormous!
       His son came to meet me there a while later. Then across the street was the church so I walked over there as the son drove and I met him out front. It was pretty cool to go in and meet the small town locals. I went in and shared my story of how God is guiding my path across America as I started with nothing. But before I shared my story they were going through verses in the bible. And I came across something that gave me chills.... So when I started giving what I have to the homeless in Mississippi, some people said I was crazy and should hold onto what I have since I have a long way to go. I would tell them how I feel, and that I trust God has my back if I need it along the way. And after all, I already called Him out when I started with nothing. And he provided. So I know He is there if I need Him. I already tested that. So when we read this verse, it gave me chills...

5 Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said,

“Never will I leave you;
    never will I forsake you.”[a]
6 So we say with confidence,

“The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid."
(Hebrews 13)

So I shared with them that this is exactly what I was feeling about sharing what I have. I just have no worries and know that God will have my back if I need it. Or that if anything happens it is God's plan.

After the church, I left down the highway. I was exhausted and hit a big wall. I needed to find a place to sleep fast! I didn't want to ask them if I could stay at their church, so I just left west. It was about 10 and I needed a camp spot. I came across an apartment complex. I saw the office building in the back and decided to try and stay behind it. So I walked back there quietly. I was behind it and it was out of sight. So I made my bed. I laid down very tired. I laid there about 20 minutes when a dog started barking really loud. I sat up and it was a big white dog and was looking at me from a ways away. He was dialed right on me and didn't look happy. I didn't want to yell and have someone hear me. So I stood up fast trying to scare him off. He ran back a little but wasn't really phased. The dog literally barked at me loudly until 1:30 am. I was honestly waiting for someone to walk back and see me or the cops to show up. But neither ever happened. The night sucked. I didn't sleep hardly at all. And it was a spot that I wanted to get out of early before someone saw me. It was gonna be a tough next day...


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