Day 56, May 29, 2012

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So I woke up on day 56 inside the air conditioned trailer. It was pretty awesome. I woke up and laid there for a bit. Then remembered he said sleep as long as I wanted. So I was gonna enjoy this treat. So I rolled over and went back to sleep. It was great.
     I woke up and got up around 10. I took my time getting up and packing. I went outside and the guys were there getting ready to open. They invited me in to eat before I left. Even though they were not open yet they let me in. I ordered the same thing as the night before (enchiladas). They brought me chips and salsa and a soda. When the food came out they gave me 4 enchiladas. So cool.
      Before I left I got a picture with them in the kitchen. I tried to pay again but they wouldn't let me. It was rad! I went outside and right as I came out I had 2 twitter followers that met me there. They had sent me a tweet in the morning saying they were on their way. They drove about an hour! They brought me snacks and food. We talked about 20 minutes and then they said they didn't want to keep me. So I started walking.
       As I walked through Delhi a man that walked by me said he saw me a couple days ago in Tellulah. He gave me $2 and said good luck! Pretty cool old man.
      I walked about 10 minutes after that and a car pulled over. They got out and said "Nick!?!". It was some people from Jackson area who drove about an hour too! They brought me a bunch of stuff to pick through. I ended up taking a drink, mesquito nets, blister band aids, and liquid band aids. We visited for a few minutes and they also said they didn't want to keep me. So I headed out.
        I walked towards Rayville. My feet were hurting pretty bad and I could feel my blisters acting up. I really had a bad feeling about my feet and thought it might be a safe bet to limit the day of walking. So I ended up walking til maybe 3pm. I came to a church about 5 miles west of Delhi. I walked up and there was a courtyard in the middle of the church. It was a good spot where there was an outlet. I wanted to let my feet get some air and hoped that would help heal them. So I spent the rest of the day there recovering.
       It was hot so I also used the hose to keep the wet towel cold and soaked and over my head. Not a lot of action on this day but it would serve me well to recover.
      I made my bed on the grass behind some bushes and went to bed that night around10:30.


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