Day 59, June 1, 2012

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 I woke up on day 59 in front of the church west of Rayville LA. I slept on the concrete but had still slept very well compared to the average night out here. It was a little cooler and a little breeze blew. I woke up at around 8:30.
         I packed up and before I left I wanted to re-bandage my feet. So I pulled the bandage off my right heel and put a fresh one on. The blister looked good. But when I pulled the one off my left ring toe my skin was swelled up and loose. It was pretty nasty. So I wrapped it up the best I could.
         I filled my waters up and started walking. I got to the town of Start about 5 miles up. The sign said "welcome to Start home of Tim Mcgraw". As I got into town I noticed a fire over the railroad tracks. I walked over to check it out and it was a controlled fire of a field. I hadn't eaten yet and was starting to get hungry. Just as I was leaving the small town a car pulled over. A lady handed me a bag and said God bless. She was a stranger and I don't think she saw me on the news either since she didn't mention anything. It was awesome and I pulled right off in some shade.
       It was a hot BBQ pulled pork sandwich that was amazing! And some chips with a sprite and a few snacks. I really enjoyed it and it was perfect timing. I continued walking. I walked a good pace and really didn't stop hardly at all that day.
        I had walked about 16 miles when I saw a car parked across the street at a gas station. They were waving me over. I went over there and it was a girl I had met the day before. She was with a friend who wanted to get a picture with her son and me. So I happily did that and talked a little with them!
         I walked the last mile or so and got to a McDonald's. My feet felt ok but were just a little cramped. I sat inside there and ordered 2 McChickens and a water. I enjoyed those and relaxed using their wifi.
        At around 10 I went outside and walked a few buildings over. I found a closed building and went behind it. There was a grass area where I made my bed. There were houses directly in sight behind me but it was dark and they wouldn't see me til daylight. So I layed down and it was a cool night again. I was comfortable and I fell asleep good.
           I slept good most of the night. But suddenly a heard something walking. I could hear footsteps and it was close behind me. Sounded like it was maybe 10 feet away. I sat up and looked and it was a dark dog!... It was creeping up by me. As soon as I popped up I saw he was startled. But still didn't trust if he was nice or going to come at me. So I yelled "hey!". And he flinched. He seemed friendly from yelling at him. So I sat there a few minutes and he wanted to come up to me. I pet him when he walked up then was at ease. I laid back down and I heard him lay about 3/4 feet behind me. He ended up sleeping right there the rest of the night.


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