Day 60, June 2,2012

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All of a sudden I heard growling... I woke up and behind the dog that was laying down was another black dog. If was pretty big and was looking past the dog laying down and right at me. The sun wasn't up yet but it was bright enough to see him. He growled again. Then I yelled "go home!". And he started barking loud and aggressive. He was coming towards me so I stood up and walked aggressively at him. He jumped back and ran sideways around me barking wildly.
        I was afraid his barks were going to wake people in the houses up and then I would be approached by someone or have the cops called out. I yelled again for him to go home. Then he finally left. He growled as he walked away. The other dog never moved. It just wagged his tail as I went back to crawl in my sleeping bag. I passed out for another hour or so.
        When I woke up at about 7:30 I packed up and walked back to the McDonald's. I had an interview with a California news station about my journey. So I wanted to use McDonald's wifi so I had a better connection to FaceTime with them.
      The dog had followed me to McDonald's. When I went inside he laid down by the door. I noticed in the next hour he was getting in people's way and at one point laid in the middle of the drive through. Everyone was asking each other whose dog it was and I just laughed.
      After the interview it was afternoon. I had sat there to wait for them for a while. So eventually I left walking towards downtown Monroe. As I walked I seriously had someone pull over every 5 or 10 minutes and talk to me for 15 or 20 minutes. All the people had seen me on the local news. I had money, prayers, and food given to me. It was awesome to meet all these people, but I really wasn't getting anywhere walking. Even a cop pulled over and said he saw me. He offered me lunch too but I wasn't hungry.
        It was about 3 and I came to a parking lot that had a car show going on. It said free food and stuff so I went to check it out. It was a furniture store putting it on. So I ended up going in and taking my break there. Even though I didn't get much distance I still wanted to beat the mid day heat. So I went in and got a couple cold waters they gave out. Then I sat on a recliner and watched a big screen display tv for an hour. I was so comfortable it was hard to get up.
         So at around 4 I kept walking. Again cars were pulling off and tons of people honked and waved. It was bizarre. After someone pulled over again and talked to me for about 20 minutes I knew I was off pace to get to where I was trying to go. I sort of fell out of a grove too. So I ended up spotting a place to sleep and just stopped walking for the day. I went into a McDonald's across the street and used Internet. I stayed there til about 8 when I crossed the street to my spot. It was a grass area behind a bank. It was exposed but in the dark it was ok. Just worried about being spotted in the morning. I fell asleep in the corner of a fence there at around 11.


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