Day 69, June 11, 2012

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 I woke up from Zach coming up to me and saying "nick". I sat up from on the softest couch I may have ever been on. Either that or I'm just so used to concrete and the ground that it felt that way. Either way it was a great place to lay my beat and battered body down for a night and let it enjoy something so easy on myself.
        Me and Zach and Eli sat there on the couch inside the church. We were all still half asleep. We had stayed up late and it was around 9:30 or so. We hung out and talked a little before doing anything. Part of me was still riding the high of this blessing coming my way, and part of me was a little sad that I would be leaving these guys soon. Those guys were really cool and it seemed like I had known them for longer than a day. More like 10 years.
       But the time came and I started to pack my things. When I was all ready to go those guys gave me hugs and said good luck on the remainder of my journey. They helped me refill my waters and asked if I needed anything else. I told them as I tell everyone, all I can ask for are prayers as that was all this journey started with. They came up and said a prayer for me before I left. Then I walked out the front door and I left. They were very easy about the situation and were funny, as I walked away they yelled "they grow up so fast" and we all laughed. They had great sense of humors. I turned my head and continued realizing it may be the last I see of them. That is always hard out here even when it's stranger I just meet. People are really awesome that have crossed into my journey of life, and it's hard to leave them so fast. But there's a long road ahead so I kept going forward. Hope to see them again in this life or another.
        So I walked a few miles and wanted to stop somewhere to write a few journals to get caught up. I spotted a BBQ place and stopped there. I ordered a sandwich for $2 and sat down inside next to an outlet. It was around noon. I sat there a while and got caught up. By the time I was done it was around 3. I left there and wanted to get about 15 miles in still.
       I started down the highway west along the 80. About 3 miles up a car pulled off. The person looked familiar. When he got out I noticed it was Justin. The 3rd friend I had net the day before. He had tracked me down and had a cold water for me. It was hot and that really hit the spot! He said he also might be going to Dallas in a few weeks and if he did he would stop to meet me and get me lunch or something. He gave me a hug and we parted.
       I continued down the highway in the heat. I was feeling good and meeting those guys and getting a good night's rest meant a lot mentally to me. At this point my body is being taxed so much that I'm relying on my mind to get me through this. So that for sure gave me a mental boost. And that also has been helpful from all who have stopped to help me. Honestly when someone pulls off just to make sure I'm ok and gives me nothing, it means just as much to me as the person who gives me food or $20. The mental edge of the gesture to watch out for me gives me a big help to keep pushing.
          After walking about 7 miles a truck pulled over. An old man got out and walked over to me. He moved and talked very slow. He came over and asked where I was headed? I told him I'm trying to walk across the country and started with no food/money. Just as I was telling him this another car pulled over behind his truck. The old man didn't notice the car. A girl jumped out and lobbed a chicken sandwich to me. Just before she lobbed it the old man asked me how I get food? And right as he finished asking that the chicken sandwich the girl threw dropped down in front of his face and down into my hands, and I replied "like that" and smiled. His jaw dropped and his eyes became huge! He never saw the girl so to him this sandwich dropped from the sky. I was laughing a bit then I pointed back to the girls car as she was about to pull away and the old man leaned back and turned and saw her. He was still taken back by it and gave me $10. He said to keep going and god bless. I continued.
          I walked a good pace and the sun was setting. I stopped on a bridge to look at the sunset. And a car pulled over there also and gave me 2 gatoraids, some snacks, and a few bucks. I drank the gatoraids there and then kept walking.
         I walked in the dark for another hour. It was really humid and I was soaked in sweat. I finally got to a church ahead on the 80 at about 9:00. I walked to the back of it and there was a good sized overhang. I made my bed on two rugs that were in front of the door. I laid down and rested. I fell asleep around 11 or so.
        I woke up to what sounded like a gunshot!... I opened my eyes and it was pouring rain! The wind was gusting and blew an empty water bottle I had away into the trees. Lightening struck and the thunder again hit hard! I sat up. The wind was strong and blowing some chairs around that we're under the overhang with me. The way the overhang was positioned at the corner of the church was just right with the wind direction to keep me dry. I really lucked out! I got up and moved my cart closer in to the corner. The wind was that strong. I sat there and watched the storm. It was around 3:30 and I stayed awake about an hour until it calmed down. I fell back asleep somewhere around 4:30am.


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Andi said...

LOL! I'm a very visual person and could not stop laughing as I envisioned the chicken sandwich coming from the sky. The was really cute. I love elderly people. They are so sweet and usually very funny.