Day 70, June 12, 2012

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 I woke up on day 70 pretty late. Since I was up in the night from the storm, I had slept til almost 11. I hit the road after packing up.
      I set a good pace and headed towards Shreveport LA. It was really hot and I was drinking water anytime I even thought about it just to be safe.
       After walking a good pace I got to the suburbs where I came across a McDonald's. I went inside and ate off the dollar menu. It was about 3 when I got there. I was getting ready to give back to those in need before leaving Louisianna. So I took a good portion of the little money I have to survive, and bought $60 worth of McDonald's $5 giftcards. I then took $5 bills and wrapped the cash and giftcards together with rubber bands. I sat there about an hour and then headed out along the highway around 4.
       I walked a few miles when I pulled off to help a man I saw. I gave him a card with the cash and he was very surprised! Look on his face and his expression was awesome!
     Right after I helped him a car pulled over and a guy got out. He came up and gave me his lunch from work that day that he didn't eat. It was a tuna with cracker snack pack and pop tarts.
      Another mile up or so I spotted another man to help. I ran across the street and shared a card/cash with him. He had been walking in the heat all day too and he was very thankful. He was homeless and also had a sweet cart like mine.
       About another half mile up a lady and her daughter pulled over to give me a tube of Pringles and a few dollars. It was pretty ironic that I had helped 2 people and right after both of those instances, people pulled off to help me.
      I was low on charge and wanted to post some videos, so I stopped at a Starbucks and got an iced water and sat down to charge/use Internet. The guy working there took his break shortly after I had sat down, and he sat next to me to ask where I was from and headed. I told him my story and he was blown away! He said it would be an honor to at least get me a free drink. So I told him maybe something small and chocolate. He brought out a drink and shook my hand and said it was an honor to meet me. Pretty crazy when stuff like that happens out here.
      So at around 7 I left to keep moving. I wanted to find a place to camp that night soon. As I walked it was quiet and I was witness to an amazing sunset! I was so thankful and can't even put into words how pretty and vivid it was. I stopped just to take it all in as I stared at it. It was amazing.
      After dark I finally found a church along the 80. I walked to the back and found I little inlet type part where it was like a u shape. So I walked into the u part and made my bed on the grass. I wanted to get good sleep and it was soft there. I hoped it wouldn't rain or that the sprinklers wouldn't blast me in the night. I laid down and went to bed around 11 or so.


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