Day 68, June 10, 2012

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 I woke up on the concrete behind the shed by a church between Gibsland and Minden LA in a country stretch. It was about 7:30 when I woke up. I was taking my time and moping around hoping to catch the church service if it was early enough. I slowly packed up and then went up to the church around 8:45. I didn't see any cars and didn't want to wait too long. So I ended up heading down the road.
         I walked about 3 miles when a car passed and then turned around. The man pulled up and he handed me $40 out of the window. He said when I get to the next town to get myself some food. He was really nice and from that point I had a feeling I had a good day ahead of me.
       I headed along the 80 towards Minden. It was really humid and already I was sweating a lot! I walked about 8 miles at a good pace. I also saw the first deer of the trip and I enjoyed that. I look forward to seeing those along my walk. It jumped out behind a bush and stopped and stared at me about 20 feet away. I paused. We stared at each other for about 10 seconds and then I slowly reached for my pocket to get a picture. But as soon as I moved he darted off into the woods.
       So I stopped ahead and sat down next to the highway. I hadn't eaten yet so I pulled a snack out and sat down to eat it. Right when I sat down a lady pulled up and called me over. I got to her car and she handed me a box of churches chicken and a side of mashed potatoes. She had just bought it and was going home and said she would feel better that I could eat it. That was really awesome!
       I left there and continued to Minden. A few miles up a cop pulled off. He said that they had recorded a call of a suspicious man walking down the highway. When we talked he kind of laughed at the fact someone called and said that. But he had to check it out. He was a nice guy and thought what I'm doing is awesome. He ran my license and then talked to me a bit after. He said he would pray for me before he left and said to be safe. I continued.
         It was pretty hot out and I was looking forward to a break in the town ahead. As I got close another car pulled over and a few ladies gave me $4. They said they just had a good message at church and needed to put it into action. That was pretty cool. They were very happy to help and I could tell they enjoyed it.
        About another mile up a lady pulled over. She said she passed me on her way to get pizza for her family. So she ended up buying an entire extra pizza for me! I was blown away. She gave me the pizza and she took off. I couldn't believe it. I ate a slice and then carried the rest with me.
         Another half mile or so ahead, a man pulled over. He asked where I was headed. He gave me $5 and wanted to say a prayer for me. He said he knew God was taking care of me and he was really happy to hear how I have been blessed by so many people.
        Another mile ahead, a truck pulled over. A guy around my age. He asked where I was headed and asked if I would share my story. So I told him. He asked me if I would like to rest? He said his church was ahead and that I could take a break there and just get a place to relax and recharge. I was hesitant to accept the offer but he was very sincere so I sort of went with it.
         So he called the youth pastor and said he was going to let me rest at the church. He ended up pulling off the key to the church and giving it to me! I was blown away! I never knew this man, and within 5 minutes he gave me a key to the church! It was awesome and made me feel good! He had to go to a band practice and said he would come to the church afterwards with some friends to visit.
        So I headed up to the church. I was slightly in disbelief of what had just happened. I got to the church and opened it up! It was a good sized nice church. Inside it was very cool and it felt great to be out of the heat. I walked inside and was just smiling. I looked around and couldn't find a light. So I sat on a couch that was inside and just kept laughing in a shocked/awesome feeling way. I said a prayer just saying thank you. I don't care who you are, when you are in the heat and walking all day then an unexpected thing brings you to an awesome place to cool down and relax, it is something to be thankful for.
        So I sat there on the couch and sprawled out. I was so comfortable and honestly sort of forgot how it feels to have something that soft to lay on. It was amazing! I sat there a while and then about an hour and a half later Zach (guy who pulled over) and his friends Eli, and Justin came there. We hungout and just relaxed and talked. I was still so shocked and couldn't thank them enough.
        We sat there a while then we headed next door to a house that was the youth hangout. There was another church that came in to have an evening service (they share the church) so we went to the house. A few more people showed up there and we just talked and hungout. Everyone was so nice there. They also had food and fed me also and I shared the pizza I had with them.
        So we sat there most of the night and ended up playing games and stuff. It was a really cool night and I really enjoyed the company especially after being alone for most of the days recently. And they all had a great sense of humor so we laughed a lot. Just all really good people.
         When it was about midnight I was pretty wiped out and had a long day. I was ready to crash. They had already told me earlier that I could stay there and they would stay with me so that I could. So we went back into the church.  I ended up going to sleep on the giant couch and those guys camped out with me also inside the church. It was nice and cool in there and It was a very relaxing night. I was seriously still shocked and just couldn't be in a better mood to have this gift of comfort after a long hard road of grimy and rough living. I fell asleep pretty late at around 1am. What a day!


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