Day 66, June 8, 2012

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 When I woke up on day 66 I was still mentally strung out and tired. I sat up and sat there a minute. I went over to the hose behind the church. I laid down on the concrete and just ran the water over my face and my head for a few minutes. It was relaxing.
        I brushed my teeth and packed up. It was about 10am and I walked about a mile to a McDonald's that was near the 20. I wast sure yet what I was going to do that day so I just figured I would play it by ear depending on how I felt. Well after sitting there an hour I realized I was still pretty exhausted. I think the nights when I hardly sleep followed by hot days of walking, really takes a lot out of me. So I decided to take the day to let my mind relax and my body rest. After all I'm in no hurry and don't want to burn out.
       So most of the day I sat there and caught up on my journals. I had a couple visitors that were passing through, driving from Texas to North Carolina. They stopped and bought me lunch and also brought me some supplies. That was really cool and it's always nice to have people around that have followed my travels.
         I literally hardly moved all day. Even thought I was in a hard McDonald's chair, it was still relaxing. I needed the mental rest and to just not have to stress being tired from walking. It was good for me.
        At around 10 I went back behind the dumpster of the McDonald's. It was thick grass and was soft. It was hidden too and a decent place. I laid there and passed out.
       At about 3:30am the sprinklers turned on and completely blasted me and all my stuff. I scurried to gather my things and moved. I ended up going behind the dollar store next door. I was so tired. I laid right back down and fell asleep.


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