Day107, July 19, 2012

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I woke up at about 9. I was really tired and didn't sleep too good. I was next to a fence next to some scrap and junk. I felt very worn out and had a headache. I sat there against the fence.
        I suddenly heard a gate close. A few moments later a guy walked bye and saw me. He was a hotel maintenance guy. I said hello and he said hi. He went into the storage building and about a minute later he came out. He walked next to me and light up a cigarette. He asked where I was headed. At this point I was still on my sleeping bag and it was obvious I had slept there. I told him I was walking west. He asked if I was doing ok and I told him I was good. Then he threw his cigarette down and said he had to get back to work. He said good luck and I told him thanks.
           I was really tired from walking about 28 miles the day before, so I was taking most of the day off to relax. I was gonna walk 10 miles in the evening though.
          I packed up and went over to the sonic right across the way. I sat there on the benches outside and ordered 2 dollar breakfast burritos. As I sat there a man pulled up and parked. He walked over to me. He saw my cart and had heard about me. He came up and shook my hand. He said he and his wife had their RV ready for me to sleep in the night before, but they couldn't track me down. He asked if I would be around that day and I said I would, and that I would probably be at the pizza hut as soon as they opened and sit there u til 6. He said his wife had some things for me and she would meet me later. I said thanks and he took off.
        A few minutes later a car full of girls pulled up and walked up to me. They asked if I was the guy walking across the country. They wanted to take pictures with me so I did. That was cool. Weird for me, but still cool.
       Another guy pulled by out of the drive through, and out of his window asked if I was the guy walking. It was pretty crazy. I had just woke up on dirt 30 minutes ago just about 200 yards away, and then I was taking pictures and meeting people I never met. To me it is hard to understand. The guy got out to ask me some questions and shake my hand.
            The pizza hut next door opened at 11, so I went in and sat at the booth with an outlet. The manager walked up and said she saw my story and thought it was awesome. She said the buffet was coming out, and for me to help myself with that and the salad bar. Then she said she will also get me a drink and they won't take my money. I was shocked! I said I could pay, and she said no way and they won't accept it. Pretty wild.
            I sat there about 10 minutes when a lady walked up to my booth. She said she had something for me outside. So I went out and her and her daughter had some drinks for me, and a couple snacks! They said they were following me and good luck.
           Another 20 minutes later 2 guys walked up and asked if I was the guy walking. They shook my hand and said safe travels. Another 20 minutes later a mother and 2 daughters walked in and brought me hot food right out of the oven and a drink. The mother was very touched by my journey and I could see the emotion out of her and how she appreciated it.
          Another few minutes later another mother and daughter came in. It was the wife of the man who visited me in the morning. She brought me a big bag of snacks and stuff and said they were behind me. They were on their way to a relay for life walk for the night. It was cool knowing they would be walking a lot too. They said good luck and safe travels.
           After they left I heard a knock on the window next to me. A guy around my age was knocking, he set a 4 pack of toilet paper in my cart and gave me a thumbs up. I gave one back and then he hopped in his truck and left. I couldn't believe all the people who knew about my journey. It blew my mind and especially how nice and giving everyone was!
         Another man walked up to me. He asked if I was walking. I said yes. Then he gave me $7, shook my hand, and then left.
         The manager was off at 4pm and ended up sitting by me and talking to me a while. All the employees were coming out to ask questions and hang out. Even the cooks were hanging out with me. It was a great day off to have the company. I ended up giving them a bunch of stuff I was given. I couldn't carry all the stuff so I gave them snacks and random things that I already had. It was cool. I also gave them the toilet paper as I couldn't carry it all. I usually carry a handful of napkins to pack light.
       At 6pm I ended up heading out. I started walking along the highway and was gonna try and get a 10 mile stretch in. When I got to the edge of town I heard a truck pull up behind me. It was the same guy who stopped to give me drinks twice the day before. He was just getting off work and saw me. He asked if I needed drinks or anything, but I had just filled up my waters before leaving pizza hut. He said good luck and took off.
         About a mile down the road a SUV pulled over. A family had come out and brought me a new tent, and some drinks with ice inside a little cooler deal. I was so thankful but I really couldn't carry much more. I was worried my cart axel couldn't handle anymore weight and it might snap. The axel was already bowed. But they insisted taking the stuff. So I piled it on. I already had a tent but she said take it as a back up. I knew I can't pack 2 tents as I need to pack light. So I hoped I would see someone in the next couple days to give it to. I continued.
          Another couple miles up a girl pulled over and gave me 2 waters and some cliff bars. Another mile up, a lady pulled off and on her way from Amarillo to Childress and she gave me $10. I said no and I didn't need it, but she insisted.
          I walked on and ended up walking during an amazing purple sunset. It really gave me chills. For like 10 minutes straight. It was so pretty. I was at a great place mentally. Another car pulled off and it was a girl who pulled off a couple days before. She had a patient at work (nurse) who gave her a huwey stick, it was sort of like a magic trick type thing. She wanted to give it to me. She asked if I needed anything and I said no way! I was so loaded down I could even carry anymore. And I really don't need anymore money! I have way too much at this point than what I need.
        I walked a couple miles and it was dark. I came to a dirt road off the road. There wasn't anything around and it was the only way of getting off the main highway. I walked off and then pulled out my flashlight. There was a little dirt path along the back of the railroad. I could see much but a found just a little spot of dry grass. I didn't know what was around there besides maybe 10ft around me. So I laid down my tarp and made my bed. I hoped nothing would come up to me at night. There were silhouettes of house tips I saw behind me in the moonlight. It looked like they were abandoned. They were close to me so I hoped they were. I fell asleep around 10.


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