Day 104, July 16, 2012

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 I woke up around 9 on day 104. This day would basically be an entire day off doing nothing but relaxing! I laid there a while stretching and relaxing. A few dump trucks came by to unload the dumpsters, and a truck dropping supplies to the stores came in here and there. I never spotted them seeing me at all though. After an hour of laying there I got up and halfway packed just throwing my stuff in my cart sloppily.
          At about 10 I went to McDonald's. I left my cart right outside a window where I sat next to an outlet too. Then I got in line to get a breakfast burrito. When I was in line the guy in front of me asked where I was traveling to. So I told him. Then the lady in front of him turned around and was amazed. She said to come up and order my food and she would pay for it. I said no its ok. Then she said please, it would be an honor! So I did. I ordered a 99 cent burrito and a 99 cent drink. She said order more but that was more than I was gonna get already. I would have got an ice water. Then she said to come join her and her friends to share my story.
         So I went over and it was 4 pretty old ladies and they were so funny. They were asking me such funny questions and were a bit confused about some things. I was cracking up! But they were sweet! They asked if I was a Christian and I told them no. That god is with me but beyond that I still have unanswered questions and am searching for a more evident truth. But that I know he has a plan now and I just need to keep walking with him. They thought that was cool. And they asked if I knew what a Christian was? I said yes, it's when you accept Christ into your heart. And I have not got to that point. But I do know god has my back. We talked a while then they left.
           I sat there and suddenly a man came up to me and said "nick?" and I smiled and said ya and shook his hand. He was a pastor there in Childress and located me through twitter updates. He sat down and asked about how this trip started. So I told him how I was just lost and needed to search for truth and purpose, and to find myself in a deeper sense. He said he enjoyed it, and he travels to Honduras and gets to hear of miracles the people there experience. Things beyond what doctors say. Things only a prayer can cure. That was awesome to hear. We discussed how in this country we have so much to rely on that we don't need miracles. And that causes trust in god to fade as the generations go on and things become easier. So it was a very stimulating talk and he is a great guy! When he was leaving he asked if I wanted a hotel for the night? Money? Anything? And I said, as I always do when asked that, all I need is prayers. He said he can do that. Then he set $40 down on the table and said to take that incase I need it down the road. I said no and I really didn't need it. But he said, then share it. I couldn't say no to that. Then it would just be me being prideful. But I can and will share that.
           So after he left I sat there all day. It was busy and I was getting some pretty interesting looks from people. But I'm used to that.
          In the evening time I went to the bathroom. When I came out there was a 10 piece chicken nugget box on my table and piping hot! It was busy there and I had no idea who gave me that. It was very cool! But also awkward and I wondered if they were watching? But I ate them and smiled anyways.
         After the sun set and it was dark, an employee came up to me and said if I wanted to fill my water jugs, that I could use their water. That was cool. I said thanks. He must have seen my cart with the empty water jugs outside.
      Then a little later another employee came up and asked if I wanted company? He was on break. I said ya! He sat down. He asked if I was traveling and I said yes. Then he asked where I was staying that night. I said I wasn't sure but somewhere near by. He asked if I was staying at a hotel? I said no that I'll find a spot to camp out. Then he said " man I'm homeless myself, I just got this job and am just getting on my feet". He said he has been homeless a couple years and recently lived in his car, and just started staying on a friends couch now that he's working. He was such a nice guy. I could just tell. He was maybe 21.
        So then after he told me that I knew what I had to do. I pulled out a $20 bill and said "here man. Take this to help you out a little." his eyes got huge and he said "NO WAY! I can't take that!". I love these moments! He had no idea yet of my story or anything about me. I felt he was telling me this stuff to relate to me and possibly trying to make me feel better. So then I told him people give me money and I try and find others to help. He was blown away. He asked where do you get this money? Then I told him my whole story. 10 minutes later the entire McDonald's crew was around me and they all said they thought I was just homeless. I laughed and said I am!
         The guy I gave the $20 to went and broke it and gave $5 to one co worker, $5 to another, and kept $10 to himself. That gave me chills. While he did that his buddy who works there too (guy who offered me to fill waters up) said that's the guy that gave you the nuggets. They get a free meal on break each day and he gave his item to me. That also gave me more chills. He came back after everyone went back to work and told me he was down to $10 to his name, and the $10 he has from me will give enough gas for him not to have to walk to work the rest of the week until payday. That was cool! He was so thankful and couldn't thank me or shake my hand enough!
         So I left McDonald's and went across the way near two hotels. I checked the area out earlier from the McDonald's window and noticed a big grass area behind them. So I went back and made my bed behind a storage container. I laid down at about 11:30pm there. There were two guys drinking beer listening to country music as I laid there. They were at their truck in the hotel parking lot. It was good music and listening to how much they were into singing it was funny. It was relaxing actually, and I passed out around midnight. I was getting bit through the night by something, and cockroaches were very heavy in that area. So at least 10 times I woke up to them crawling on my skin in the night. But I slept ok aside from that.


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