Day 105, July 17, 2012

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 I heard a truck that sounded like it was coming at me. I looked up and saw a garbage truck roll by just a few feet away from my feet. Then the garbage man looked at me and had the funniest surprised look while on his cell phone. I waved to him and he did the most confused wave back. He was driving on the grass and going behind the hotel where there were some dumpsters.
        I laid there a while then got up. It was about 8. I packed up and went to sonic to get breakfast burritos to eat for the walk. It seems like my sonic card has lasted forever. It was given to me in Denton and I mostly use it to buy cheap stuff. So I got 4 breakfast burritos. The guys working said they saw me on Facebook and wanted some pictures. That was cool.
           I took off down the highway. I left about 9 and was walking slow for some reason. It was pretty windy to the point where I had to take my hat off. There were also some hills along the way and I was getting a bit of a workout walking up those.
            I came to a small town called Esteline. All there really was was a couple little liquor stores. I went into one of them hoping to relax and take a midday break.  I went in and the owner asked right away "your the guy walking right?!" I was suprised and said yes. She said she also seen me on Facebook. Turns out the pastor I met the day before was pretty popular around this area and everyone knew about him and saw his Facebook post about me.
         I got a fountain drink and she wouldn't let me pay for it. I sat at a little bench in there and talked to the owner a while. She was really cool and we thought a lot of the same things. She had the coolest little puppy there and he was laying around being lazy and was always in the funniest positions.
        I sat there until about 6:30 and when it cooled down I headed down the road again. I passed over a bridge and a sand area where they were riding dirtbikes. It really made me miss riding. As I was walking along the bridge a truck passed and pointed behind me. I was looking back thinking something fell out of my cart, but then he slowed down and pulled over.
        I walked back and he got out and came towards me. He said "man I been looking for you!". He shook my hand. He looked to be around my age. He said he has been following me through a buddy and wanted to find me. He said he had some waters for me. I walked with him next to his truck and he opened a cooler and gave me 4 waters.  Then he reached into his pocket and handed me $100 bill! I said no way! I can't take this man. He said take it or I'm throwing you off this bridge. I know he was joking but he was showing how much he knew he wanted me to have it. Then again I said to just give me $20! But he said no way! Then he said what do you need? Shirts? I have a pack of my clothes, take what you need! I told him I was all set. Then he said how about shoes? Here take these and gestured to his shoes on his feet! I told him no no its ok. Mine are still new. He asked many times for me to take more. He was such a nice guy! He showed me his tatoos and said he admires my trip and the faith that I join him in. He was a very bright person with good energy. A guy who would give the short off his back (or shoes off his feet). He said to get some good food or a place to stay or whatever with the money. But I knew inside this gives me a chance to share a lot with others. And that's what I need to keep me going and keep my head up.
            After talking a while we shook hands and left. Great person. I kept walking and the sun started to set. It was a nice night and very peaceful with fields around me. I was just thankful for everything that comes to me. All without asking and always after I'm living in a giving manner. That is such an awesome reality!
        It was dark and I was getting close to Memphis TX and the 30 miles mark for the day of walking. All of a sudden I hit a wall and was beat tired. I started looking for a place to stay but there were really no good spots. I walked another 30 minutes and was fading out. I finally found a pull off right off the road. That was all that was around and I needed to lay down. So I pulled about 30 feet off the road and was also about 20 feet from the railroad tracks on the other side of me. I laid there and it was very loud with the big rigs. But I was relaxed.
       So I slept there and didn't get much rest. Every big rig would wake me up and the trains were so loud and shook the ground. It was a horrible night of rest and I maybe slept 3 hours if that.


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