Day 106, July 18, 2012

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 I woke up at around 4:30. I had not slept too good yet and was no way ready to walk. I needed more energy before I got up so I went back to sleep.
      I slept a little more than I wanted but I felt much better and thought having the extra rest would be better overall for my mind and body. Even if I had to deal with more heat.
      I got up and packed up my stuff. I brushed my teeth and put some moisturizer cream on some dry areas of my face.
       I mapped my route and started walking. On the map it showed a frontage road that came back around to the 287 highway that I normally walk on. So I started down the road. But it quickly turned into a dirt road that seemed like it was fading out. Also there was a parked train on the tracks that might keep me from being able to cross over to the highway. I ended up walking on some rocks and dirt when eventually I came to a houses driveway and the train fired up and started rolling. I waited until it passed then I crossed the tracks and came out to the highway. So the GPS was a little off.
       I started down the highway. It was already warming up and it was only 9am. I walked about 7 miles when I passed a bucket truck reading meters off the highway. There was nothing around at all and the guy working walked out towards me. He came out and gave me a cold water and said I looked thirsty. That was awesome! Just a stranger wanting to help out. That water hit the spot!
         I walked a few more miles up when I came to a rest stop. I stopped there and used the bathroom. I also refilled my waters there to have colder water. I sat there for about 15 minutes inside a big building with air conditioning. Then I headed out again.
        I walked up and down some hills and there was nothing around but some very dry looking growth. It was hot and I was really feeling the heat. I was making sure to drink plenty of water and to keep the towel on my head wet to keep myself cool.
        I came to a town after about 15 miles of walking for the day. The town was Hedley TX. There was not much there except some houses. As I was just about out of the small town, I heard a honk and looked over. It was a mini van. Inside was the guy (Trey) that I had met in Childress a few days before. He was on his way to Amarillo with a group of people and wanted to stop to give me a couple waters, and a snack package. That was really awesome!
        I left town and started the second half of the walk. My towel was dry at this point, so I poured more water onto it to re soak the towel. That really helps to keep my neck and head cool.
        Another little while later another van pulled off. A lady brought me some snacks and drinks. She had heard about my journey through some friends and wanted to stop to help me. She was on her way to Vegas and saw me walking. She also had $60 she was going to give me but I told her no, and that I was all taken care of. I really don't need more at this point. But I thanked her and I was so thankful for her stopping to check on me and give me some snacks and drinks.
       I walked down about another 5 miles and it was a tough stretch through the heat. I stopped for a short break and to drink water.
      Up ahead was another small town with not much in it. I was about 7 miles away from Clarendon TX. As I was leaving from that small town I saw someone walk out to the road. It was the same guy from the bucket truck who had brought me a drink earlier. He came back and brought me a gatoraid and another water! That was so cool. He was on his way home and wanted to stop and help again.
          I was almost to Clarendon TX. I had about 4 miles to go when another car pulled off. It was a friend of the lady in the store with the dog from a few days ago. She had a phone call letting her know I was headed that way so she brought me 2 cold drinks and a few snacks too! She said she had an insurance office downtown if I wanted to hangout there the next day while I was in Clarendon. That was awesome! I told her I would keep it in mind. Just as she was there talking to me, another truck pulled off. It was a guy who had passed me and wasn't sure if I was on a bike and it broke down or what. He saw me right before the lady pulled over. So he turned around to check on me. That was awesome and he was just a complete stranger. I really enjoy when people just pull off to make sure I am ok. That really makes me feel like I'm watched over.
         I left there and finally made it to Clarendon. I had a couple different offers from strangers on Facebook and twitter to have a place to stay there. But I was on a roll and am comfortable outside now. I don't want that groove to be disrupted, so I decided to stay homeless over the offers to maintain the momentum and just being used to being outside.
        I went to pizza hut in the town. There was only that and dairy queen. I ordered a salad bar and pigged out! I sat there and charged with an outlet under the booth I sat in.
        As I sat there someone had come up to my seat and said they had something for me. I followed them outside and they had given me some cold drinks and some cracker snacks. They just wanted to make a quick stop to help and they had also heard of me through friends.
        After about an hour a lady who sat next to me said she heard about my journey. It was wild! She asked some questions and we kind of talked a little. I felt bad because I was so tired and out of it. I had walked 28 miles in 104 degree heat all day. So I was for sure not focused. After her and her group were done, they gave me their left over pizza! It was very cool. They had also dropped a care package in my cart with some clothes and off spray before they came in. And after they left she contacted me on facebook to offer me to stay at their home. But I still was set on staying outside.
         The pizza place closed at 10 and I was heading out after I paid. As I was leaving a family came in and gave me cookies! It was so cool and the town was apparently spreading the word which was awesome! We visited for a few minutes and they were such nice people.
       After I left there, I went across the way and walked behind a best western hotel. There was a fence next to a storage type building where I snuck between and felt like it was a decent place. It was one of those where I was good at night, but might be seen when the sunlight comes out. I laid there on a slanted surface on the dirt and was a little uncomfortable.
       The parking lot of the hotel was right on the other side of the fence and there were some guys playing music loud and yelling off and on. So it took me a while to fall asleep. I finally was out around midnight.
       In the middle of the night, I was woken up to something loud at my feet! It sounded like someone threw something at me. I sat up quickly!.... I looked around my cart and all of a sudden something was startled and looked at me! It was a cat. It stared at me for a second then darted off!... It had pulled the pizza box out of my cart and onto the ground and was eating all the pizza. I was awake about an hour after that, and then eventually fell back asleep. I didn't rest good at all that night.


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