Day 122, August 3, 2012

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 I woke up around 9. I had decided the day before I was going to take the day off and rest, so I pretty much slept as long as I could. When I woke up I took my sweet time getting up.
       Once I was up and packed I went into McDonald's and ordered a breakfast burrito for a dollar. I sat near an outlet where I could keep an eye on my cart outside.
        My knees were actually hurting more today than they were the night before. I was a little worried about that and really was hoping the next morning they would feel better from resting them all day.
        I stayed at McDonald's and wrote my journals. I also called a few friends and family members off a free phone call app I had. It works when I have good wifi, and the McDonald's wifi is pretty good.
        It was nice talking with them. Since I started day 1 of this walk, I havnt seen anyone I knew when I started the whole way. I really miss my family and friends back at home. I talked to my mom for almost 2 hours too and it was really cool. It's amazing how the Internet can give you free tools like that to make phone calls and text.
         At about 3 I glanced outside and noticed it was sprinkling. I went out and threw my tarp over my cart. When I came back in it was suddenly high gusting winds and pouring rain. I watched as the wind ripped my tarp off. I ran outside and had to really wrap my tarp around my cart and bungee it nice and tight to keep it on. Glad I picked up those bungees I found along side the highway.
        I sat there through the storm and figured it was a good thing I took the day off. It could have been ugly if I was in the middle of nowhere in the storm. After a while lightening was striking down nearby and it was really an intense storm. I looked at the weather and it said it was going to rain through the night. I was worried about finding cover. So I looked on my gps satellite to see what was around. I found a baseball field down the street and decided I could try to camp out in the dugout.
       So I left the McDonald's around 7:30 so I had a little sunlight to find a spot to sleep. I walked about a half mile down the hill and got to the baseball field. I was not too happy with how bad my knees were hurting just on that short walk. But the good news was that the dugout at the baseball field was covered and it was pretty dead around the area so it was a good spot. The only thing I worried about was if the wind picked up I would still get soaked as there was just a chain link fence all around the sides of it.
        I made my bed there and my knees still hurt bad. They just felt awkward like they were not lined up right or something. I took some Advil and put my legs up on the bench to somewhat elevate them. They felt relieved at least for the moment. I laid there a while until I was really tired. Then I put my legs down and slept on the concrete there on the dugout floor.
       I slept ok. There were two centipede type bugs that got into my sleeping bag and were crawling on my legs that woke me up. And then the rain poured around 3am that also woke me up. Luckily there was no wind and the rain fell straight down. So I stayed dry all night.


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John Gagnon said...

get those knees checked out man.

This stuff is expensive but seems to work, I have bad knees too: