Day 114, July 26, 2012

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 I woke up at around 9am but was way to tired to go. I went back to sleep and wanted to sleep as long as I could to rest my body.
       When I finally felt rested it was about 11. My head was hurting and I had a pretty good sized bump from where I nailed it the night before. It was hurting a bit too.
       When I woke up there were two bags on the bench in front of me with two waters also. The guy from the night before who came to visit with his fiancé had brought it on his way to work real early in the morning.
       I packed my stuff up and started walking. I passed a house as I headed to the highway and saw some kids playing on the front porch. About 5 minutes later a kid rode his bike up next to me and brought me a cold water. That was really awesome!
        I walked a good pace and went on for most the day with nothing going on. That was ok though since I was covering ground. It was a cool day also and the weather felt nice.
        About half way through my day a car pulled off. It was the same guy who brought me shoes in Denton TX a few weeks before. He was on his way home from traveling around with his daughter in Colorado and a few other places. He just wanted to stop and check on me. He had some stuff for me but I was completely full. But I did take some wet wipes and a cross his daughter gave me. That was cool. Then he also gave me $20 before they left. Very nice people.
         I continued and made good ground all the way to Vega TX. It marked about 14 miles for the day and I was gonna stop there to see how I felt about walking more. As I just hit town, a car pulled over and it was the girl from the night before who had called the dispatchers, and her daughter. They stopped to give me a burrito and to let me know if I needed a place to go they lived nearby. Her and her daughter were really nice and helpful.
        I walked to the main street in the town and stopped at dairy queen. The town was very small and that's all there was there. I sat in there a while and a cop walked in and came up to me. He shook my hand and said his buddy (cop from last night) had told him about me and he wanted to meet me. He gave me $20 and said it was an honor. That was awesome.
        So I stayed there until they closed. The manager had come out and said whatever I wanted to order was on the house. But I wasn't too hungry. Still nice of her though. I left there and walked right across the way to a church. I laid down there at about 11. I was between the church and another church being built next to it. I fell asleep around midnight. There were some bugs that woke me up on and off and it was a hard surface. So I was pretty uncomfortable and woke up a lot that night.


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