Day 109, July 21, 2012

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 I woke up around 8am. I sat up and I was so tired. I honestly did not want to even move. I wanted to sleep longer and take the entire day off. But I was one day away from Amarillo and I wanted to make it. Once I would get there I would take a few days to rest.
      So I patched up my blister under my foot and packed up. I hit the road and started walking. I was drinking a lot of water right away to make sure to avoid getting dehydrated. A car pulled off right behind me. The same girl who I saw at dairy queen the night before brought me a travel pack of toiletries, a bunch of medicines and medical supplies. And some drinks. She also have me a bunch of gift cards and meal tickets to fast food. She hooked me up big time!
          I walked a few miles up and a car pulled off pretty far in front of me. A girl walked out to me and had a bag of breakfast and some supplies. I couldn't pack ANYTHING else, so I took just a tube of toothpaste out of the things she had.
         I kept walking and made a good pace. It was about 2pm or so when a car pulled off. It looked like the same car. Sure enough it was the same girl and her friend she brought. They came from Amarillo, and the first girl made the trip twice! That was awesome. They brought me 2 gatoraids and another tube of toothpaste. They were really nice and said they would be checking on me through Amarillo. Very cool.
         I kept walking and a little later a cop pulled off. He was really nice and just asked if I was ok. I said yes, and he said good luck. My favorite thing while walking is when strangers pull off to check on me.
         Another truck pulled off ahead and a father and son asked if I needed a ride. I said no and that I was only walking. They wanted to give me some cold drinks. So they gave me a gatoraide and a propel. The son gave me a few dollars also. He was a really cool kid. As I walked away the son ran back out to give me a spare set of headphones. That was cool.
         Another car pulled off when I was about 4 miles from Amarillo. It was a lady who brought her two daughters to bring me food in Clarendon a few days earlier. Her and her boyfriend were on their way back from Amarillo from a hospital visit. She brought me a couple cold poweraids. She said good luck and left.
        I was exhausted. My feet hurt, my knees hurt, I was mentally exhausted. Very beat up. I came to the first truck stop I saw and went in and plopped down in a booth. I had walked 209 in 10 days where I was tired the entire time getting very little sleep. I was so so tired. But mentally I was feeling great as I pushed through it and made it here! I just relaxed my body and it felt great.
        I sat there and relaxed from about 5pm to 10. I walked across the way to a field and made my camp next to a bush on dead grass. The bush was just big enough to hide my cart and stay out of sight enough to the roads. There wasn't much else around there too so it was nice. Plus I was off the highway enough where it was somewhat quiet. I slept good!


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