Day 125, August 6, 2012

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 I woke up around 8:30am. The sun was warming up and I felt the heat on my skin. My zipper on my sleeping bag sometimes comes apart when I toss and turn so much. So when I woke up it was swooshed around me and I was partially laying right on the concrete skin to skin.
        When I got up I was feeling very lazy. I was just feeling the wear and fatigue on my body. All the aches I fight day to day seemed to all be in action. I was hurting bad both mentally and physically. But I knew the low that I was experiencing wouldn't last and that If I kept moving it would change before I knew it. So I got up and slowly packed up.
        I finally hit the road around 9am. I walked west going against the traffic again along the 40. I was walking slow and easy still and really keeping a cautious mindset for my knees. I was focusing on how they felt to make sure if it was getting worse I would rest and take a break.
         I had about 12 miles to walk until I reached the next exit that had anything. There was a gas station and a dairy queen there that I planned on taking a break at. So I walked slow and steady towards that.
          About 6 miles in I stopped where there was an overpass. I took a small 10 minute break there and sat on a guard rail. I ate some trail mix there and drank some water.
         I headed out again and wanted to try and see if I could walk all the way to the exit where I planned on taking a break. So I went nice and easy. I finally got there at around 1pm. It was really nice to have an outlet and a place to sit again after a few days with not much. I sat in there and took a break all the way until about 4pm. I ordered a chicken wrap and a small drink. I was so hungry when I got there my stomach was hurting.
          I took off from that exit at about 4 and hoped to walk until sunset. It was a lot of uphill from there and I was moving pretty slow. I was making sure to not push myself up the hill too much. I got to the top of a hill and it was really pretty. I could see all around me and the area was so beautiful. I tried to take a video but my audio was not working. I think my iPod took a dump and the microphone is not working anymore. I was bummed because I won't be able to take anymore of the video updates.
        So I left from the mountain top and it was a steep drop off. I went easy going downhill also for me knees. I was also stopping and taking breaks to watch the sunset. It was such a nice evening.
        When I got to the bottom of the hill there was an exit just ahead about a mile. So I slowly walked up to it as the sun was setting. I got to the exit and there wasn't anything there, but I needed to find a spot to sleep. I exited and took a little side road about 1/4 of a mile to where there was a pasture.
        When I got to the pasture it looked ok, but still a little too tall of weeds where I wouldn't feel comfortable incase of snakes. So just ahead I spotted a gate going into the pasture. There was a dirt driveway going into it where it was clear enough to sleep. I didn't think any cars would pass by on the road either since I didn't see any houses or anything nearby.
         I made my camp up right up against the gate. I could see with my flashlight some pretty good sized beetles crawling around. So I zipped up my sleeping bag and bundled up. It was actually pretty chilly too. The weather said it might rain through the night so I got my tarp ready just incase. I set it on my cart so I could grab it easily. Sometimes when it starts raining out here, it just strikes very suddenly to a heavy downpour. So I was ready. I fell asleep around 9:30pm and slept pretty good.


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