Day 113, July 25, 2012

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 I woke up on day 113 in the fort of a playground jungle gym. I woke up around 7:30 hearing a car door open and close. I looked out and through the wood slats I saw it was the guy I met the night before. He came up and brought me some breakfast burritos. He had found my blog and stuff online the night before when he went home and he was exited he could help me. He had to go so he said good luck again and shook my hand.
       I got up and packed and then headed out. I headed west a few miles when I stopped at an albertsons grocery store. There is another man walking across the country to raise money to help violence. I wanted to donate, so I bought a prepaid visa card there and put $10 on it. I left the store and sat in a taco Bueno where I used their wifi to make the donation. I donated $5, then planned to give the card with the remaining $5 to someone in need. (it was a $10 minimum to put on the card).
         So I headed out towards the end of Amarillo. I passed another handful of homeless and/or poor people who I shared things with. As I left the town there was one last guy walking out a couple miles in the country. I ended up giving him my last about $10 (change and giftcards). After that I had absolutely no money left! Not even any gift cards, or change, or meal cards. Nothing! I had given away around $250 through Amarillo. But I did not worry at all. As soon as I handed the last of what I had away, I had chills and just trusted I would be ok. I felt so connected and had no fear. I trust god has my back like he has already shown me. I felt the universe was behind me and that whatever my story will bring ahead of me, I will accept.
       I walked about 7 miles and got to a truck stop where I went in and sat down for a break. I sat there a little while then headed back out. Right when I left I noticed an RV pull off on the interstate. (I was on the frontage road). And a guy and girl came walking out to me. I noticed the girl looked familiar. When she got closer I knew then it was the famous 6x women's motocross champion Jessica Patterson! She was midseason and traveling to the east coast and tracked me down! So awesome! They brought me water, an energy drink, and a snack. We talked a while and it was great! I had a plan after I gave all my money away that I wouldn't tell anyone I did it since I didn't want anyone to worry, or feel like they needed to get money to me. So I didn't say anything on the Internet at all. But I was so exited about it and wanted to tell someone, so in excitement I told them. Then after that they wanted to give me money. It put me in a very awkward place. I suddenly felt weird and that they were gonna give me money since I told them that. Then I was really upset and regretted telling them. I was worried they might think I was trying to hustle or something. I really tried not taking it. To the point where jessica was not sure what to do as I was saying no but her boyfriend was insisting she give me $20. I was bummed out. Totally aside from being an awesome visit. I was thankful for that. We said bye and I left with a smile.
         So now that I had this $20 I wanted to eagerly get rid of it by helping someone. More than most of the time just so I felt better about that entire situation. So I ended up doing something that felt great. I walked up about 6 miles to the next little exit where there was a gas station. I went inside and asked the cashier if she could do me a favor. I handed her the $20 and asked her if she could give the next two people that come in and pay with change to buy something besides beer or cigarettes, to give them each $10. And then I asked if she would tell them that it was from a homeless man and it was his last bit of money. She was so shocked. Her face was classic. I walked out and then she ran out to me and yelled "that is very generous! God bless!".
            I left walking away from there again with no money. I looked up to the clouds as I walked and just felt chills. I just knew I would be ok and if I need something it will be provided. That was a powerful feeling.
           About an hour later a tuck pulled over in front of me. It was a guy who has followed my story. He brought me a subway sandwich and said he lived in the next couple towns up. He said he would check up on me again. That was awesome!
           I walked west and kept on. I was approaching a little town called Wildorado. I was walking along the frontage road next to the 40. I came across a big dairy where I saw a truck pass by a few times inside the fence. When I came up to where there was an office I heard someone yell. I looked back and it was a lady behind a fence and she had some waters for me. That's was really cool.
         I got to the town and was resting on some grass next to a water tower. The two girls who I had dinner with a couple days before wanted to come out and say bye before I was too far. They met me there and brought me dinner. They stayed a few minutes and we talked. Then before they left they gave me $10. I gave them hugs and said bye.
          I made my bed behind the water tank on some grass. I laid there for a few minutes when the sprinklers turned on and blasted me. I had to rush getting my stuff thrown in my cart and rolled off. I walked down the road to where there was a school. I went up and made my bed on a bench near the playground. I was happy with the spot until a few kids came up to play nearby. Then I was worried that they might go home and tell their parents, then the parents may call the police.
        Just then a Tahoe pulled up in the parking lot. Two people got out and walked up to me. When they got close I noticed it was the guy who brought the sandwich earlier and a girl. They came up and sat next to me to visit. I was surprised they found me, but then again it was a small town. Very small.
        So they visited me and we hung out talking a while. The girl, who was his fiancé, worked in the next town and was connected to the community pretty well. Before they left, she called the police dispatch to have them make a note that I was staying there. They were cool and said if they got any calls about me they would let them know my situation. That was really cool! So they ended up leaving and I made my bed and laid down.
           Then another car pulled up. It was a cop. He walked up and said they had the call and knew I was there so he just came to let me know. He ended up staying there about 2 hours! We talked a lot and connected and it was pretty cool! I was sooo tired but I knew a year from know I won't remember being tired, but will remember the people. So we talked a long time and he shook my hand and said he really appreciated what I was doing. He said they will watch over me until the state line which was about 60 miles away. He even gave me pointers where to sleep the next couple nights! Really cool guy!
       So he left at about 12:30 and I fell asleep at one. The bench was narrow and I ended up falling off and hitting my head pretty hard on the foot bench in front of it. It was really hard actually. Then I climbed back on to fall asleep.


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