Day 118, July 30, 2012

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  I woke up really early, it was about 5:40am. It was going to be really hot (106) so I wanted to get an early start. I got up and was pretty tired. I had actually slept ok and my body felt good.  I packed up and started walking.
       The night before, I had called the police station and they had granted me permission to walk along the interstate, since technically it is part of the old route 66. So I hopped onto the interstate and was walking on the shoulder going against traffic.
        I walked pretty much non stop all the way to Tucumcari NM. The only time I stopped was half way through when I spotted a guy under an over pass bridge. He way laying down. I walked up the slope to him and gave him some money. It was really trippy because he had nothing really with him. No gear or anything. He had somewhat clean clothes on and a nice looking watch. I wonder how people like that make their way.
         I got to Tucumcari and it was really hot. The last few miles were pretty tough and I was battling the heat. I was sore, my feet were hurting, my body was tired and sun drunk. It was such a relief to finally get there and to a McDonald's. I got into the air conditioning and got a cold drink. Man that was nice to have!
        I ended up sitting in McDonald's for the rest of the day. I stayed there and relaxed while charging my stuff. It was a pretty low key day and not too much exciting happened.
         At sunset I was really tired. I walked across the way where I had spotted a church as I was coming in. I went next to the church and there was a little nook to sleep in. It was between the church and and a retaining type wall next to it. The wall was just hight enough where my cart was lower than it. And it was just wide enough to push it into. I made my bed there on some rocks. I fell asleep early that night. I was beat. I slept pretty good except for a few ants here and there, which is good compared to the norm.


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