Day 127, August 8, 2012

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 I woke up on day 127 with my side on the road. I was out away from the tall grass as far as possible and just enough off the road where I felt comfortable. Well I was actually on the road. But it was a dead end and no cars were driving on it (aside from the one during the night).
      I sat there and was pretty hungry so the first thing I did was use the bread and peanut butter that the couple gave me the day before, and made a sandwich. I also threw some banana chips in there to mix it up. It was pretty good.
      When I got up and packed my things, I realized I slept in some broken glass. I didn't notice any cuts or anything. It did feel like thorns were under me the night before when I would roll around, but my legs seems unscathed.
     I packed my stuff and headed out. I jumped on the interstate and was walking west going against traffic. I climbed up a hill first thing and when I came over the hill it was a cool sight. It was downhill all the way to Moriarty and I could see for miles and saw the town way in the distance.
       So I took it easy walking as my knees already were flaring up. I walked down the slope and enjoyed looking at the long view of what was ahead. I then realized I walked a lot longer than what I thought the night before. I had actually walked about 24 miles.
       I walked about 10 miles when me knees needed a break. So I got off at the next exit and took a break on the side of the frontage road. I saw on my GPS that the frontage road actually ran all the way to Moriarty from there. So after a 15 minute break I took off walking the frontage road.
        I walked nice and easy for the next 6 miles to get to Moriarty NM. It was a pretty walk and the mountains around looked cool and different than any where I had walked yet.
       After a long downhill walk I made it to Moriarty. I was tired and ready for a break. There was a taco bell there on the far west side of town so I decided to stop there. I went in and ordered a $2 meal. I sat down near an outlet and relaxed while charging my stuff.
        I had walked about 16 miles to get there and was thinking about just staying there for the night. But after sitting there a while I was feeling ok and got a little impatient. So I looked up how far away Edgewood was, it was 9 miles, and decided to just walk that. So I left there around 6:00pm and headed along the frontage road.
       About a half mile down a car pulled over in a driveway in front of me. It was an elderly lady and she asked if there was any way she could help me. I told here I could use prayers but aside from that I was ok. So she said no problem. Then she asked where I was going so I told her. She was very impressed. She grabbed a little booklet and gave it to me. It was a little paper booklet that I have been given to plenty of times so far. I have read a handful of them and they seem pretty ridiculous. They are basically cartoons that are designed to pump fear into people and tell them to accept Jesus. One of them I read was an older man telling a teenager that if he doesn't accept Jesus that he could get hit by a car in the next hour and go to hell. So the old man basically kept scaring the teenager until he submitted to doing what he said. And he accepted Jesus into his heart... Now I don't have anything wrong with what anyone believes, but to make and pass out these ridiculous booklets is really pathetic to me. I think it's cool that people have Jesus in their heart and it helps them deal with life and aspire to be better. But forcing someone's thoughts by using fear and threats of harsh consequences of burning seems pretty much the opposite of what people should be doing to help.
       I believe in God, but that has been through my own willingness to seek that. And even though I believe in god, I still can't sit here and tell people 100% that it's true. Because there is no way of proving that. I put my faith in God but really don't know what or who it really is? But I dont feel the need to stress that. I will just put my life in his hands and trust him. That's what builds my faith. But I can't tell anyone it's real. That's just absurd since I have no proof. Now if you see some of my experiences and want to believe that your god is taking care of me, I have no problem with that. But that goes for everyone, Buddhist, Jews, Muslim, Christian ect..
      I really don't believe (my opinion) that god sees anyone different on this world. At least the god I believe. I think he serves all and although people want to believe in different forms of god, I think he is such a force he can act as many forms of himself. I just see too many flaws and nonsense in organized religion. I mean, how can someone who has been on this earth less than 100 years claim to know what's real? And again, Im not saying anyone is wrong, I'm just saying if you say you know 100% for sure what is real, then you are wrong. Like for example, I believe in god and I think praying to him and praising his power is the right way to have a relationship with him. And trust me, I have been closely in touch with the power of blessings. I think praising him will show others you are not cocky or self absorbed. And also praising him shows others you have trust and faith in something. Which I believe is important in life. Letting go of trying to control everything is setting yourself free. I think living selfless to an extent, is really rewarding. Rewarding in a way that feeds your soul and spirit. Not rewarding in wealth or materials. But more of a power that is given to your heart. A love.
       So I sort of let the lady how I felt about the booklets. She said she had never read them and honestly was just trying to give it away after someone gave it to her. So we talked a little more about my journey and then she said good luck and left. She said she would pray for me, which I am thankful for. I'll accept prayers (or good energy as I also see it) from any person of any culture or religion. Anyone wanting to wish good things upon me is always a good thing in my mind.
        So I walked until sunset, and man what a beautiful one it was. After it set and it was dark, I still had about 4 miles to go. I was a couple miles away a while later when a car passed and I heard a sound of a coin bouncing. So I grabbed my flashlight an searched the road and spotted a quarter. I was pretty happy.
        I finally made it to Edgewood. When I got there I stopped at a McDonald for about 30 minutes. It was pretty late now (11pm) and I was beat. I had walked about 25 miles and was ready to sleep.
       I walked across the parking lot to a Smiths store and walked around back. Behind it there was a walkway and a cement fence or wall I guess. I made my bed in a corner that was part of a shadow from the light in the back.
      I made my bed there on some rocks. I felt safe from animals there which was nice after the night before. So I laid down. After laying there for about 5 minutes I heard a cat meowing. I looked over and there was a tree that had branches sort of sitting on the top of the wall. There was a little kitten sitting there. So I got some bread out of my cart and walked over and set a couple slices next to it. Then I went back and laid down. I fell asleep and slept ok that night.


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