Day 108, July 20, 2012

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 I woke up at about 8am. I sat up and looked around and the spot I couldn't see the night before was not bad. I got up and was ready to get on the road.
         I started walking towards Claude which was 21 miles away. I walked about a mile when a car pulled off behind me. A girl got out of the back door and it was the manager of the pizza hut from the day before. Her and some people were heading to Amarillo for a wedding reception. She gave me a water and they left. That was really cool.
         I kept going and it was getting warm. I wet my towel and put it over my head. I set a good pace and kept rolling. A few miles up a guy pulls off in front of me. He was a stranger and came out to ask if I was ok. Awesome when strangers check on me.
        I walked a ways and kept forgetting to drink water until I was thirsty. Usually I drink every time I think about it, but I was for some reason a little off today.
       A truck pulled over about half way through the walk for the day. The truck was an older man and his wife. They were part of a church in Clarendon and the man was a pastor. He and his wife had questions for me and we talked a bit. He asked if he could pray for me and I said of course. I don't care what religion anyone is, I will always accept prayers where people ask for protection over me. After that I took off.
         It was really getting warm. I was still not drinking enough water and kept getting frustrated when I would realize it. I was drinking a lot when I would realize it though.
         A trailer pulled off in front of me and a couple came out to me. They knew a guy who had met me and talked to me, so they wanted to stop and offer me a drink. They had soda, but I didn't feel like a soda would settle good with me. They said god bless and left. I was about 4 miles from town and I was starting to become shaky and light headed. I was feeling confused and my brain felt like jello. I felt a little sick and I was very eager to get to town.
       So I pushed through and got to town. I went straight to a dairy queen which was all that was there. When I went in I sat down and put my head down for a second. I was feeling very exhausted and my hands were shaking bad. I ordered a drink and had gulped a bunch of powerade. While I was holding the cup it was shaking bad. It took me about 20 minutes to settle down. I was dehydrated and getting the sugar helped calm me. After I felt better I was just very tired.
         I sat there a little while when a girl came in and ordered. While she waited for her food she asked how I was and said she heard about me. She was really ice and wished me luck. Another guy showed up on his way to Amarillo. He brought me a big case of water. He had some questions for me and we talked a while. When he left I couldn't carry the case of water so I ended up giving it to the employees at the dairy queen.
         I left there around 10 and went across the way to the next building over. It was a closed down place with some junk behind it. I made my bed by an old car body and around a stack of tires and stuff. I was really tired. I was dirty so I was wiping my legs, ankles, and feet off with wet wipes. I was wiping under my feet when I felt a bubble. I used my flashlight and saw it was a bad blister. So I used my knife to pop it and then slept bare foot. I fell asleep around 11.


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