Day 97, July 9, 2012

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 I woke up day 97 on a couch and was extremely comfortable. Mark (guy who's house I stayed at) woke me up and said he would be back in 20 minutes and had to drop his daughter off at a summer camp. I said no problem.
       I had no clue what time it was and usually the sun wakes me up. But it was still dark there so I just slept. Then they came back in the house later and his truck battery had died. I was waking up already and checked my phone and it was 10! I had slept 10 hours! And solid sleep! I felt amazing.
         I got up and just sat there in total relaxation as everyone just hung out in the living room. We just took it easy and watched tv. I eventually got up and had a bowl of cereal. I was in no hurry to leave and they were just hanging out all day. So I took my time.
          Eventually I wanted to head to Walmart which was about a half mile away from their house. I left my stuff there and just walked with nothing. I felt naked and it was pretty trippy. I went to office depot and Walmart. I got a cord I needed for my solar charger to charge my Internet device, and then at Walmart I got 2 more spare tires and 2 spare tubes. All together it was $90!! So I was now down to about $40 left in my backpack, plus $45 on a Sonic giftcard.
        I headed back to the house and the rain clouds were coming in. I got back there and slowly got my things packed up and together. The kids were so funny and I played games with them and watched them play around like crazy monkeys. It was awesome!
        When I was ready to go, Mark gave me some snacks and I thanked him so much for letting me rest there! I said bye to the kids and I had a blast with them. I'm a big kid at heart so I enjoyed them a lot.
        I took off around 4:30. I walked towards the next town west of there, Iowa Park TX. As I walked I hit a little bit of rain but not bad. The route took me through some back roads. They were so narrow I was really hoping it was right and that they actually went through. They did.
        On my way to Iowa Park I watched a really pretty sunset. I stopped and just looked at it for a while to enjoy it. Very pretty. I walked past dark and finally came to the town. As I walked through the town I passed a house with 2 people on the front porch. They were talking and I heard one of them say "its a bum". And the other person said "ya thats what it looks like". I get this stuff a lot, especially when I stop at public places. I can always hear people talking about me. But I never take it personal. I know a person's judgement means nothing. Gods is all I worry about, and he doesn't care if Im a dirty, smelly, filthy, gross looking bum. Haha.
              So I came to a church in town at about 10pm. It wasn't the best spot but I made camp. There was a chance of rain through the night so I was under an overhang. It was hidden ok and behind a small wall. But in day light I wouldn't be comfortable. So I hoped I wouldn't have any trouble in the morning.
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