Day 82, June 24, 2012

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When I woke up on day 82 it was already way hot! It was about 8:30 and it was gonna get hotter and fast. I packed up and got in the road ASAP. Before I left I filled up my waters at the spicket there.
       I walked about 6 miles when I came to a little church. It was so hot I was thinking about switching my walking time to night. I mean the heat was giving me a headache. It was scorching. So I stopped in the church and joined the service. It was small and consisted of about 6 people. I listened in.
      After the service a lady came up to ask what my story was. I told her and she shared with the others. I sat there a while and talked to the old folk about some of the questions they had. Then a man came up and offered me $10. I declined it as I don't ever want people to think I only stop to try and receive handouts. And in fact I gave them $5 afterwards for the offering since I had missed it when I came in. Ironically it was the same guy that collected the offering. (the guy who offered me $10) I loved the way he was surprised.
       After the service I was about to fall asleep standing up I was so tired. Talking with everyone was exhausting. It's like the most simple tasks are so much more tiring in the constant fatigued state I'm in with very little rest being homeless.
       I went out behind the church under a big shade tree. I laid down there and tried to go to sleep. I was dripping sweat and covered head to toe it was so hot. Very hard to sleep like that but I was so tired I still slept on and off.
       At around 4 a truck pulled up. It was one of the guys who visited me at the dairy queen the day before. I was telling him the day before how I was going to rig a long tube into my water gallons to use like a straw by putting a hole in the cap to put the tube through. Then switching caps when they are empty. So he ended up bringing me some tube and a drill to rig that up. Just luckily, the hardware store I slept behind was closed Sunday's, or else I would have already bought them in the morning. But it worked out great and worked just like I had imagined.
      He brought me a cold gatoraid too which tasted amazing! And an extra iPod he never used full of new music that I could listen to. He knew I don't accept much, so he made me take it and said to mail it back to him when I am done. He said he had that idea so that I would be willing to accept it. And I was cool with that. After all, new music sounded awesome! He hungout for maybe an hour or so.
      When he left I moved my stuff into a better shade spot next to the church and went back to sleep. I slept until 9 when I woke up and was ready to walk.
      I walked about 10 miles in the dark when I was approaching Terrell TX. Suddenly my cart stopped as the front wheel jammed. I looked at it and the wheel had slid the the middle of the little axel. So it had broke something. I was so tired I just wanted to deal with it the next day.
        I strolled into town using the back wheels only. I stopped at one of the first buildings there. It was a roller skating place. I walked behind it and found a spot in the grass next to the railroad tracks to make a bed. I made a bed and passed out at around 1am.


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