Day 91, July 3, 2012

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I woke up on the concrete around 8:30. After the day off I was ready to hit the road. I packed up, washed up, and hit the road right away.
       I walked west on the 380 towards Decatur TX. I put my headphones on and walked a good pace. There was a cool breeze and it wasn't too hot. So I was in pretty good walking conditions.
        I walked out in the country stretch and it was really nice. There was a lot of road construction going on as I walked past. A couple guys in a construction truck threw me a cold water as I was walking.
        I was in about 10 miles for the day when a man pulled off in a big truck. He handed me a McDonald's bag with 6 mcchickens in it! And also gave me a large poweraid drink! He was a stranger and said he passed me a while ago. He ended up driving 15 miles to McDonald's, then 15 miles back, then 15 miles back again to go home after bringing that to me! He drove 30 miles extra and another half hour to help me! That is so awesome. And he said when he passed he felt like he was called to help me. That really blew me back!
         About 10 minutes later I was walking on a closed road that was new, just not open yet. And a twitter follower pulled up and yelled "hey nick". I went over and it was a family in a Beemer. They had brought me a cold gatoraid, a $50 visa giftcard, and a scratcher his little daughter wanted to give me! It was so cool! We talked for about 10 minutes and then they said goodbye. I went to give the little daughter a high 5 and she shook her head then ran up and hugged me! It was so cute and really made me miss family!
       I continued on. I got about 20 miles when my knees started to hurt. So I started looking for a place to stop. I came to a shop building that looked like a night club. It didn't look like anyone had been there in a while. So I stopped there and there was also a storage building there. It was about 8pm. When I got there all my water was hot, so I went to a water spicket and drank tons of cold water right away! So refreshing.
        I also found a charger there and plugged in. After the sun went down I made a bed in the grass. I was tired and fell asleep around 10pm that night. I hoped nobody would come in during the night, or before I woke up on the morning.


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