Day 88, June 30, 2012

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 I woke up on day 88 on the concrete next to a snack bar of a baseball field. I had not slept much from the sprinklers hitting me all night. It was a very frustrating night. When I woke up it was one of those days where I really did not feel like anything but resting. But a thought that always goes against that is getting home to see my family.
        I got up and packed my things up. I used a water fountain to fill my waters and also washed up a little. I wet my hair and it felt nice and cool. I was ready to go and I hit the road.
       I walked out of farmers branch and got up along the 635 to started heading north towards Denton. I was really needing a good clean up and laundry, so I was gonna make my way to one along my route the next day in Denton.
      I walked about 6 miles and came across a Starbucks. I went inside to plug in and get a water. I wasn't planning on staying there but I ended up there most of the day.
       I sat inside on a comfy chair and relaxed in the air conditioning. I know after Dallas it is gonna get long, hot and tough. So I figured I can take my time through here while I have places to stop.
       I got there at around 11 and ended up staying until about 4:30. I got caught up on journals and some things to document some of the past few days.
      At around 4:30 I headed north again. It was really hot and I was trying to drink plenty of water. It was a bit tough though as my waters were hot from the sun heating them all day. I have to leave my new cart outside and keep an eye on it through a window. I will take my backpack in with me since it holds my valuables. Then will sit by a window near my cart. So drinking that water was a little rough. But it's water and I need it so it's not that big of a deal.
        I walked a ways and came across a stretch where I saw a man walking towards me. I asked if he was ok. He seemed irritated. He said he missed a ride home so he was walking 8 miles all the way home and didn't have his wallet or phone on him. Since I knew how thirsty you can get walking in this heat, I gave him $5 so that he could get a drink if he wanted.
         I came up to a waffle house a little later and was going to take one last little break before finishing. It was around 8pm now. I got a drink there and when I left they wouldn't let me pay.
         About a half mile up a car pulled over and handed me left overs from the restaurant they just had dinner at. It was tacos with rice and beans. I was very thankful and it was probably about $5 worth of food, and I had just given the guy earlier $5. So that was pretty cool.
      As I kept walking all of a sudden the road turned narrow and had very little shoulder to walk on. I pulled out my reflective vest to put on my cart. It was still sketchy as cars were very close to me. And at some points I had to wheel up on the heelside to get past areas without a shoulder.
        I came to a park just south of a lake that was south of Denton. The highway went over the lake on a bridge but I pulled off before and there was a perfect park right there close to the water. I walked out and laid down next to a dugout of a baseball feild there. It was comfortable and I felt the cool breeze coming off the lake. I fell asleep and surprisingly slept well that night.

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