Day 80, June 22, 2012

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 I woke up on day 80 as I felt something crawling on my stomach under my shirt. It was crawling up towards my chest. I grabbed It through my shirt. I sat up and lifted the bottom of my shirt and dropped it out. It was a beetle about the size of a marble. It was already sun up. So I got up.
        I packed up and when I picked my sleeping bag up off the ground about 15 beetles squirmed off from under it. I knew I felt a lot of bugs durning the night crawling on me.
       I packed my stuff up. I filled my waters there at a faucet and also put my head under the running water as it ran through my hair over my head. It was already hot and that felt amazing. I headed out from there and out of town around 10.
        I walked down the highway in the heat and knew it was gonna be a hot day. I pulled over to put sunscreen on as I really felt the sun heating my skin.
        I walked to the little town of fruitvale. All there was there was a little store. I stopped inside to use the restroom and ended up taking a little break there while charging my stuff in the shade. I left there a while later.
        It was really hot and I took off again towards wills point. I stopped again a couple hours later in the town of edge wood. I ended up taking a break there to try and stay out of the heat. It was the hot part of the day and I had about just enough distance to walk where I could fit it in as the sun was setting and it was cool.
        When I left there the road surface was made up of more of a rough and rocky base. The cart didn't roll well on it and my feet could feel the rough surface through the soles. I had about 7 miles to go to get to wills point. I was walking slow and could feel my toes getting tender on my left foot.
       As I walked another hour or so I could feel my toes blistering. So I got to the point where I was looking for anywhere to pull off to sleep. I finally came to a little church. I walked up and sat down in the front next to an outlet. It was pretty hidden from what was around. So I made my bed there. I noticed a car parked in the front and was wondering why it was there. But I didn't think much about it. I laid down and relaxed.
       Then all of a sudden a man walked up from the side of the church to the car. I didn't know if he saw me or not so I decided to just approach him to let him know why I was there. So I walked up and let him know that I stopped there because of blisters and what I was doing.
      He said to go to the next door house and that the pastor lived there. He was headed over there too so he said he would walk me in there to talk to them. I felt weird but my feet were hurting and I was afraid if I pushed anymore that night the blisters would get bad and cause me to miss more time.
            So we went in and I met the pastor and his family. I let them know why I was laying in front of their church and said if it was an issue I would move on no problem. But they really weren't interested in the fact that I was staying there, they were wanting to know why I was doing what I'm doing.
      I ended up talking for over an hour with the man in the car, the pastor, and his son. They talked me through some of the bible and their faith. I had some questions and picked their brains a bit to see how they felt about some of the questions I had. I appreciated them spending time to discuss their thoughts. They said it was no problem to stay out there.
      By this point it was around midnight. I walked back to where I made my bed and laid down. I was so tired. I laid there a bit when the son walked up and was checking that all the doors were locked. He said he had all the woman paranoid. I laughed and said I understood. He left. Then I passed out and was so tired.


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