Day 87, June 29, 2012

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      I woke up on day 87 at the park next to my push cart and a bench under a tree. It was about 7.
I sat up and packed my things up. I got ready and rolled off.
      I headed towards Farmers Branch, which was a suburb of Dallas. I started walking and was really liking how smooth and easy the new cart rolled. It was not set up just how I wanted it, but I would rig it up soon before I leave the civilized area.
     I walked about 5 miles when I came to a frontage road along the 635 interstate. At this point I'm pretty much in the busy city. But the road I was walking down was in construction just ahead. As I entered the construction zone the actual roadway became very narrow. There were barriers on both sides and really not enough room for me to walk and have cars pass safely. So I ended up going a little ways trying to hurry between traffic. But eventually it became too hectic.
        So I ended up walking into the construction zone off road. I thought I may have been kicked out but if I did oh well. It was good that I had the new cart because the other one would not have went through there well. I rolled next to dozers and under bucket trucks. Rolled over rocks and climbed hills. It was pretty rough walking compared to a smooth flat surface.
      After about 3 miles through there, and nobody saying anything, I finally got out of the road work stretch. I had to weave through a traffic jam where I was crossing through cars like a maze. It was a trip. When I finally got to a slower area where traffic was less thick, I passed another bucket truck with two electricians working on a sign. They yelled to me to come over. They asked if I wanted some scrap wire to cash the copper in for money. That was cool. Even though I didn't take it, the offer was awesome.
          I walked up to a McDonald's in Farmers Branch and stopped there for the day. When I got there, the pastor who sold me the push cart met me there to do an interview on more of the journey. So I sat with him and he asked me some questions. Here is the interview
After the interview he left. He tweeted me later that he left the $40 I paid him for the stroller in my stuff when I was getting a drink. That was cool.
          I had two more visitors right after that. I had some food and a little money given to me. It was cool. I visited with them a while and it was great having the company. I sat there at McDonald's for the day.
         At about 8 I left there and noticed a Big Lot's next door. So I went in and right there in front there were crates. So I bought two of them to rig onto my cart. Then down the parking lot there was an a\Auto Zone. So I went in and got a bottle of slime and fix a flat. Just to be prepared for the long desert stretches. I sat outside and rigged the cart up to get it organized. I was happy with how they turned out.
          I walked down about half a mile and came to a sport's complex. I walked back behind a baseball field and laid down right behind the fence. I laid down and was very tired. I went to sleep around 10:30. Then I woke up from water hitting me on my face! I moved back a bit and moved my stuff. Then a bit later some other sprinklers turned on and hit me again! So I moved again. I ended getting hit 2 more times and it was so frustrating. Eventually the last one was at 4am. It was a hard night with little sleep.

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