Day 78, June 20, 2012

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I woke up on day 78 and the dog that was there most of the night had taken off. It was about 8:30. I got up and packed my stuff. There was a bunch of dirt on my tarp so I waved it to shake it off. Once I packed up I hit the road early.
       I started walking and a couple miles up came to Hawkins. I walked through and it was a real small town. I came past a breakfast cafe and stopped there to use the restroom. When I came in, the lady at the door gave me a menu, and said order anything I wanted and it was already paid for. It was really bizarre and I was confused. I didn't know who paid for it or what happened. All I could think was they saw me walking up and decided to just give me a free meal. I wasn't sure but sat down after using the bathroom and ordered a breakfast. It was awesome! They were extremely friendly there and really waited on me with care. They also were interested on my journey and were supportive. It was a good pick me up and I was very happy. I left there about an hour later and hit the road.
        It was really hot! I was drinking a lot of water and keeping me head towel wet. I walked about 10 miles at a fast pace and then sat down for a break. I was at an old church that looked to be closed down. I didn't see any plug ins or water access there. After 20 minutes I headed out.
       I was putting in a good day walking. I came to a small little junction where there were some houses. I was looking out for a place to fill my waters as I had just run out. The first place I saw was a little country store on a blueberry farm about 4 miles from Mineola TX. So I stopped there to get a water.
        The lady there asked where I was walking to so I told her. She was amazed and said she wouldn't charge me for the water. She said to take a break outside the store to cool down. A couple minutes later she brought out a bag with 2 cartons of organic blueberries and 4 gatoraids. Then she asked if she could ask me some questions. I said sure so she sat down with me.
          We ended up talking for about an hour. She was so interested in my journey and we also talked about faith for a good while and where we both stand. She was very sweet and understood where I am as I did her. She then said to stay there and that she had a cart for me if I wanted it. She went up the dirt road to her house that was back in the property. She came back with a blue cart similar to mine but with 4 wheels and more carry space. She said they don't use it and for me to take it! I was shocked! It was perfect. She also brought me all sorts of snacks and more drinks! She brought a sleeping bag, towel, and then said for me to stay the night in the store if I could stop there today. I was so taken back by it that I didn't even know what to say. I didn't even know how to express my thanks to her and felt like I was not giving enough of a thankful gesture. But as I started switching my things over to the other cart, it was hitting me how much it meant. All the worries I have for this trip are running out of water in the long desert. But this new cart can carry plenty of water. It was perfect!
           So she left the store to me and I was still messing with my new cart. I was more exited now for it then I was buying a new car! I was organizing it with my stuff. And I really felt like it was a great tool for survival and that I was more prepared now. And all this from not asking for anything. She gave me so much I had to turn down a lot of it! It was awesome. I took the wheels off of my other cart also to pack them just incase.
         She brought me dinner (a hamburger and tater tots) a little later, then left me in the store for the night. There was a little kitten in there too so I was playing around with it while I relaxed on the floor there. There was a bathroom and air conditioning. It was awesome. I read the bible a little also while laying there getting ready to go to sleep. And also before I laid down I changed my socks. My other ones smelled so bad that it would have stunk up the whole store. I grabbed the can spray in the restroom to spray my shoes also. I was hoping they wouldn't smell that and think I was trying to cover anything up (other then my smelly ass feet).
       It was a good night and I was so thankful for this treat! It means a lot to have shelter and to be away from all of the bugs and the humidity. It was sure a treat! I fell asleep and the cat slept right behind my head on my sleeping bag there.
          I fell asleep very thankful that night and felt very spoiled and taken care of. I even gave Jill (store owner) all my money to make me feel more comfortable about staying there so they won't worry about me being a phony and stealing or something. I slept really well that night beside a few times when the cat went nuts and knocked things down or clawed my hair.



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