Day 94, July 6, 2012

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 I woke up at about 7:30am. It was already warm and the sun was heating up my sleeping bag. When I sat up I noticed ants all behind me and on my sleeping bag. I opened my back pack and the ants were everywhere in there and thousands were on the rest of the sandwhich I bought the night before. I was pretty upset and had to throw it out. I wrapped it up good the night before but not good enough I guess. I got up and packed my things. I headed across the highway to the gas station where I bought a bag of ice. I put the ice over my gallons of water in the crates they were in then covered it with my jacket.
        I left the exit there and continued north on the 287. The next little town was Bellevue TX where I was gonna try and get to in good timing. It was 7 miles.
          So I got going and was moving fast. I came up to a car that was pulled over and there was a cop searching all through the car while the lady stood outside next to the highway in the grass. I passed them and kept going.
        It was hot but the ice really made a difference and drinking cold water helped a lot. I walked a few more miles when I saw another car pulled over and again the cop (same one) was searching while a guy was outside. I got close and took a picture. Just then the cop looked up and seemed startled. He said "can I help you?". I said "no just passing through". He then said "well you need to go ahead and pass through then". I said "that's what I'm doing". He said "well you need to do it now". Then I told him "well I would but I don't want to play chicken with that big rig coming this way so I will after he passes". He said then "sorry I just got a little spooked looking up and seeing you while I pulled someone over". I said "sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, I'm harmless". Then after it was clear I went into the highway lane and around them and kept on walking north.
         I came to the little town of Belleview TX and stopped in at a gas station/cafe. I found a charger there and plugged in then got a drink there. I stayed there a few hours and relaxed. It was extremely hot and I was trying to stay out of the heat wave for a part of the day. As I sat there two girls and a guy came in and were really loud and obnoxious. They were yelling and cussing and being rude to the people in there. Then they came over and sat next to me on a bench. They started saying things to me that we're sort of rude but I was nice about it. They were dressed in fishnets and had blue hair. And every kid that came in they would say "hey gangster, you think your cool?". It was odd.
         So I left there and before leaving town I filled all my water jugs up. I want to do a stretch of walking where I keep track and see how much water I can survive off of. So I filled everything I had and was loaded down. I also want to see how my cart handles the weight.
          I left walking and got about 2 miles in when a car pulled over. A girl in uniform came running out towards me with waters. When she got close I noticed she looked familiar. And it ended up being the same girl who stopped in Decatur and offered me $100! She came up and said "you have come a long way!". And asked what I was doing. So I told her and she was amazed. She gave me some waters and asked again if I was sure I didn't need money. And I said yes but thank you. And then she headed out and said she was going home to Wichita falls. That was really nice of her to stop again.
       After she left about a mile up I noticed my tire on my left rear tire was coming off the rim. The sidewall came out and now the tube was exposed. It worried me so I pulled off and zip tied the tire to try and keep it from coming off any further. There was nothing around there except bare land and a flat would be a disaster!
        Another half mile up about half the tire was off now and quickly getting worse. So I stopped and thought about it. The only way to get the sidewalls back inside the rim was to deflate the tire, get the tire back on the rim right, then refill the tube. All I had to refill the tube was a fix a flat, but for a car. But it was about my only choice.
        So I let the air out of the tube, then got the tire back on the rim right. Now was the tricky part. I had to screw the can of fix a flat on the valve stem. Then just let a little in and unscrew it fast. So I screwed it on slowly waiting for it to insert the fluid. And all of a sudden it just shot a bunch in and before I could back it off to stop it, the tire came off the rim again, and the tube expanded rapidly and then popped right in my face! I had slime all over my face and arms. It did not work and I was out in the country and the heat.
       I stood up and threw the can down in frustration. Then I looked around and saw a building. I looked at the sign and it was an adult video store. It was seriously the only thing for miles and I was hoping it was open.
        So I walked my cart over on the rim. When I got there I went in. There were 2 ladies inside and I asked them which direction was the nearest Walmart. I knew there was one back south but wasn't sure how far north there might be one and if it was possibly closer. The lady said that it was 15 miles back (the same one I stopped at the day before). I asked them if I could leave my cart there while I walked back. I was thinking I would just take my back pack and sleeping bag, get there that night, then trek back the next morning.
        The lady said she actually needed to go there to get some stuff that night. A cat had gone under the store and died, and it was stinking up the store. So they needed supplies for the maintenance guy to crawl under and get it out (a suit and mask ect.). So she said she could take me there if I wanted and bring me back. Then I felt dumb but told her I was walking across the country and committed to myself not to even set foot in a car or anything else besides walking. So she was cool about it and said to make a list and she would bring it back! I got so lucky!
         So I gave her a list and she took off. She said I could sit inside and stay cool in the meantime. So I sat next to an outlet next to the anal video section and plugged in at an outlet. I sat there all day and watched some very creepy guys come in and either buy stuff, or use the private adult arcade rooms and then leave. It was pretty weird.
         I waited there until 10:30! Then finally, after the lady left at 6, she called. She said she let her daughter and her boyfriend and friend use her car to do something really quick, and they were still gone and not answering their phones. She said the way it looked, she wouldn't be back until morning. So I said it was no problem. After all she was really helping me out so I was just thankful for that and didn't care how long it took. So I said It was no problem and I would camp out back and be there the next day, and it was no worries.
         After I got off the phone with her (the store phone) the lady that was there working still said her daughter and boyfriend and friend were worthless mooches and always screwed her over. She strongly disliked them. So I headed outside and camped on some grass outback. I was stranded there until I had supplies to keep moving. I was really tired and fell asleep right away. Bugs were heavy there and woke me up on and off, and truckers would pull in once on a while and go into the store (it was open til 2am). Pretty weird day it turned out to be, but I was very lucky that sex shop saved me in the middle of nowhere.


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