Day 90, July 2, 2012

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I woke up on day 90 in a park next to the college in Denton TX. My left knee was hurting pretty bad from sleeping with my leg locked straight. I woke up around 8.
   I wanted to get a good day and make my way 22 miles or so to get to Decatur TX. Leaving Denton would start a long walk with not a lot in between from Dallas to wichita falls TX. So I wanted to get a couple things before leaving town.
    So I packed up and walked down a mile or so. At the edge of town there was a walmart. I stopped there to get a small towel and some sole inserts for my shoes. They were wearing down pretty good and my feet could feel it.
    After I left I went to the gas station to put slime in my tires also before leaving town. I used the slime I had bought a few days back and put it into the 3 tires. Then when I put the money in to air it up, the compressor didn't turn on. So I went inside to let the guy know. He looked at me a little strange, and then said he would be out in a few minutes.
     So he came out after about almost 10 minutes. He walked up and said "you have to put money in" and I told him I put a dollar in. Then he said "if you put a dollar in it would have worked". Then I said, I know I put a dollar in. He said "we have never had a problem with this, if there was a dollar put in it it would have turned on". Just then I reached in my bag as he was opening it, I grabbed a $5 bill out of my stash and said "here man, you think I'm trying to score free air off of you by not putting a dollar in. Take this. I'm not hustling you for a buck". And he just looked at me and then rolled his eyes and looked away. Then when he opened it there was the last quarter of the dollar I put in jammed. So he banged it and then it dropped. Then the compressor turned on. At this point I think I pissed him off so he just closed the door and locked it and then walked away. It upset me a little but I just continued to do what I had to and aired up.
      After that I was a little irritated mostly about losing some time. I had already planned to stop at sonic next to Walmart to get a breakfast burrito before hitting the road. So I went in to the small lobby they had, and plugged in and ordered.
     The girl brought it out and was very nice. As I sat there eating she opened the door again and said that someone ordered a bunch of food but took off and that we're gonna throw it out, so she asked if I could take at least one? And I said "heck ya! If your gonna throw it out I will for sure!". So she brought me a full meal out! Then she asked where I was going? So I shared my story with her. She was so touched, and then very excitedly showed me a tattoo she had! And it said, "walk by faith". That was really awesome.
     So I was about to get up and leave to walk for the day when a man walked in and said "nick?". I looked back and it was a guy with a shoe box and snacks! He said he drove a half hour from Decatur and tracked me down to bring me the stuff. And my twitter has a locator with each tweet. So he stayed for a bit and talked. What a nice guy and said he was so happy to help.
      Then about 10 minutes later the girl from the day before wanted to come meet me again and bring some of her clients she personal trains. So she came and brought me a burrito from chipotle. She brought with her 5 teenagers to ask me a bunch of questions. It was cool and they had some funny questions.
        Then it was getting to the point where the distance to my destination for the day was a bit further then I had time for. And I had more visitors coming. So I decided to just go ahead and take one last day to relax there before making my way to the country. It was nice to have visitors and it really encourages me. So it was sort of a good excuse for me to relax a day too.
        A bit later a man pulled up. At this point the sonic crew were catching on and in between visitors they would come out to ask questions. A man came in and he was also a twitter follower who surprised me. He said he really thought my story was inspiring and he was a man of faith, so it was a blessing to meet him and hear some of his perspective. I always enjoy what people feel and think about this journey. It's hard for me to understand it from being the person walking it. To me I just am a homeless man who walks all day. So it is for sure interesting and helps give me motivation.
           When he left the district manager was there at sonic. She came out to me and asked if she could get a picture. She had a girl in the crew come out and we took a picture in front of the sonic sign. Then she said she was sending it to the corporate office. She had already spoke to her boss and they were gonna put the picture and my story in their news letter, and let all the sonics know to help me out along the way! That was wild!
        Then the same guy that I had met the day before (with the manure story) had come and tracked me down again. He brought his daughter and her baby to visit and meet me also. It was so cool and they were very awesome people. They brought me a care package of some soaps and shampoo, a medical wrap, $10, and a $45 sonic giftcard! I couldn't believe it! That was awesome. We hung out and talked about an hour or so.
        After they left the sonic crew all came out as they were slow and wanted to hear more of the story and had questions. So I told them and answered their questions. They were amazed. I always know deep down that I am only here from a prayer and god has provided the rest of my way. So I always make sure to give ALL the credit to him. He is the only way I have made it starting with nothing. And even 95% of people who help me say they felt called to help from god (strangers, not twitter followers). The hardest part of this was the starting with nothing. And I only had help from strangers until I got hundreds of miles in and already had momentum and help. That's when twitter support started and grew.
         So as we were all hanging out a guy and girl walked in. They came in and said "nick?" and it was so funny seeing the sonic crew (5 or so people) scurry away not wanting to ease in. So the couple who came in were young and had just got married a few days earlier. They sat down and we talked for about an hour also! Very nice people. We talked about how this trip has been through the works of god, and how it has restored faith for me and others. For that I am very thankful. Before they left he handed me $100 and said it was half from them and half from one of the guys who came in earlier. I said they really didn't need to, but they said take it! And they also gave me a container of cupcakes that I was assuming were from the wedding.
         So after they left there was a man in there who looked like he needed some help. So I gave him $3. He was so thankful. After that the manager came out and sat down to talk to me. She was so shocked from all the visitors I had. I told her I don't ask for anything, but just pray and ask for prayers, and at the end of the day I always end up with enough to share. She was teary eyed and said she can relate. She said she has been in a struggle too and living in a motel. And she can never see how things will help keep her afloat even to the next week. But they always seem to come. She said she has been on the verge of her life falling apart for a while, and doesn't know how she makes it. I had the $100 in 20's on the bench next to where I was sitting. So I grabbed a $20 and gave it to her. She said "no!" and wouldn't take it. Then I said, please let me share this. I have been given this and when I share, It comes back to me. So in a way I was using her to receive more blessings later. And said I would throw it away if she didn't take it. She broke down and really started crying and put her hands on her face. She said I was an angel. But I told her nope, sorry, just a smelly hobo. But it was for sure an awesome moment for me and in all actuality worth the $20!
        So as I packed up to leave, the crew brought me a bunch of stuff to take. Some food and drinks etc. I was so thankful and I headed out. It was about 10pm now so I went across the street to a shop. I walked behind it and out back was just grass and fields and the railroad. So it was hidden and I felt safe and out of sight. I made my bed on the concrete right behind the building. I fell asleep around 11:30. It was a cool night and I slept ok. The train woke me up periodically and the concrete was hard. But in my mind, I was resting easy.


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