Day 89, July 1, 2012

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I woke up around 8am. I heard drums behind me off in the distance beating. So I woke up and noticed a few hundred yards behind me was a band setting up on a stage.
        I got up and felt pretty good after a night where I slept decent. I washed up and did my morning stuff then packed up. I got on a move quickly towards Denton. I got onto the bridge right away and walked across. As I watched the boats I really missed being out on the lake all summer. Usually that's what summer at home consists of.
        So I made my way across and to Lake Dallas, the next town. I kept walking and really wanted to get to the laundromat before taking my break so I could get a shower in. (well bathe in the bathroom). So I stayed moving very rapidly walking and not taking any breaks.
         I ended up next to a jack in the box about half way to the laundromat where someone coming out of the parking lot handed me 3 tacos. So I ended up going inside and eating while also getting a short charge.
          About 5 minutes later I got right back on the road. I walked about 17 miles with just that quick stop. My knees started hurting pretty good those last few miles. But I finally came to the laundromat. I went inside the bathroom taking my backpack in, and stripped down to bathe. It felt amazing! Even if it wasnt a great shower, it was better than being dirty like I was!
        I had a mother and daughter from twitter who wanted to come visit. So they met me outside the laundry mat where they brought me a water jug for ice, and some candy. I was very thankful and we talked for a while there. They thought it was very interesting what I'm doing.
        After they left I went into a subway. I ordered a sandwhich which for me was splurging. I usually am getting 1-2 items off a dollar menu if I get anything. So this was a treat.
        I had another group of people who came to see me. They had just been out riding and came to share some time with me. I talked to two of the people (husband and wife) who told me about how they had traveled before too. They were really cool people and they related to me in a lot of ways in dealing with trials in life. To me their stories were so interesting. They had hitchhiked when they were younger. They sort of just winged it day to day and totally had a similar feeling of survival like I know now. And it was pretty funny as they told me one night they were cold and had nothing to stay warm. So they ended up climbing a fence and sleeping in manure to stay warm! Ahahahahaha! It was awesome. But as I know there is no shame in survival and whatever it takes is what will be done. It was cool to hear their stories and I felt a strong connection to them. Very thankful to have come across their paths. And I will always remember them.
        I had another 2 visitors after that who had brought me tacos for dinner. We sat in subway and ate dinner together. They were really cool and I got to share some stories with them and get to know them too. They brought me some supplies and we took some funny pictures too. It was cool to have company!
       Since I have started I have not seen anyone I knew at that point still. So it is very nice to have such good people to come and spend time with me. It really helps a lot to have the encouragement to keep moving. Even just them coming to see me is such a blessing and helps me to keep my head up. Not the stuff anyone gives to me (that helps in a practical way) but the gestures and connection I can share with others while I'm on this lonely road really makes me feel better.
        After the visitors left the guys working in subway came over to ask what was with the visitors and that they were curious. So I shared the story with them and they were very supportive and curious. They gave me free water before I left.
      So from there I left around 11 and headed to a park up the street. I rolled up a small hill in the park and stopped behind a tree. I laid down on a slope and passed out there around midnight. I kept sliding down all night so I would wake up often. But besides that is was a good hidden spot.


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