Day 100, July 12, 2012

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I woke up at about 7am. I had rested pretty good for the night and caught up for the bad night of rest the night before. I woke up feeling good. It was early and cool outside and I was ready to go. When I took my video I realized it was day 100! I have now made it over half way across the country, only walking, starting with no food or money. That is very cool and god is the only way I have made it. I give him 100% credit and he has answered every single prayer I have prayed. And the people who helped me along the way, mostly stranger the first month, all said the same thing when I asked why they stopped. They said they felt called by god to help me.
          I brushed my teeth and packed up. I hit the road by 7:30 and had 25.1 miles to get to the next town. So I started trucking.
         I got about 4 miles in when there was a gas station right off the 287. I pulled off there and bought a bag of ice for $2. I threw the ice over 2 gallon jugs in my crate on the front of my cart. As I sat there soaking my towel to put over my head, a guy walked up behind me and said "nick?". I turned and he stuck his hand out and I shook it. He said he was driving along the 287 looking for me and saw my cart in there. I was a little shocked but still happy I had a visitor. I had no clue he was coming!
        So he talked to me for a few minutes and said he admired what I was doing. He was also part of the same work friends from the guy who stopped yesterday. Their boss is an awesome guy! Never met him or knew of him, but he has went out of his way to spread the word and watch out for me!
        So he ended up giving me 3 fresh new white t shirts. Perfect timing as I was down to my last one. And he had a bunch of power bars and snacks for me to pack. And he also gave me $20 and insisted I take it. Very nice of him to track me down. That support is amazing and I know I'm looked out for by all these great people I never even knew before this!
         So I got on the road and had a good pace. My solar charger was working great now and with the new cord I purchased I have Internet charged up and iPod charged all day now! That is very helpful.
        The ice kept my water cold and with the sun beating down it was very helpful. I had the soaked towel over my head, and I also took my shirt off to stay cool. I walked a good pace and about 10 miles later took a 5 minute break. I got right back on the road and continued.
         I came up close to Vernon about 7 hours later. Just pretty much straight walking and drinking water all day. I was approaching vernon and took another little break. I had already gone 20 miles! I still felt good and was shocked on how easy it was. Also it was 100 degrees out and it felt like it was only about 85. It was a weird day.
       I stopped on the east edge of town right when I got there at a Mexican restaurant. I used my trick there where I order the cheapest thing and then full up on chips and salsa. So I left my cart outside, took my valuables in with me. And sat down to eat. I ordered a side salad that came to $1.47 with tax and gave $3 total. I ate 3 bowls of chips and salsa and was filled up for cheap!
         When I left there I ended up walking 2.5 more miles all the way to the west end of town and stopped at a taco bell. I sat there the rest of the night next to a charger and relaxed while figuring my game plan for the next day. As I sat there oustside all of a sudden a fight broke out. It was 2 girls fighting and they were employees on break! It was nuts. They were full on punching each other full force for about a minute until someone ran out and broke it up. It was for sure entertaining!
        I left there at 10:30 and walked across the way to the Hampton inn hotel. I walked behind it where there was a storage building and I made my bed in the grass. It was nice grass so I knew it was taking a chance to get hit by sprinklers. But I laid there anyways. I fell asleep around midnight. At about 3am sure enough sprinklers turned on and blasted me! I packed up quickly and walked behind a dollar store across a field and laid down it a little more rough grass and weeds. I fell asleep again there.


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