Day 85, June 27, 2012

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I woke up on day 85 to my alarm going off around 2am. I woke up and stood up. I didn't sleep good, but better than the last few nights. I sat there for a few minutes and I was so exhausted I felt like my brain was seriously only running part way. I thought for a minute about the last few days and counted the hours I slept. And it was very little. As much as I hate to keep delaying, I made a decision that I needed to rest. And not just that day. I needed to rest until I didn't feel fatigued anymore. I need to stay healthy and rested. So I was gonna take a day or two to rest up. So I went back to sleep.
       I woke up hearing a weed whacker. I rolled over and sat up. It was about 8am. I stood up and stretched. I had slept half way decent besides a couple beetles crawling on me waking me up. But compared to other nights, that was not bad.
        I packed up and headed about a mile down the road to a Starbucks where I would stay for most of the day if I didn't get kicked out. I found a big comfy chair by an outlet and plopped down. I left my cart outside against the window right by me so I could keep an eye on it.
        I caught up on my journals and tried mostly to relax my mind most of the day. I have been so stressed lately from being tired. I was trying not to think about whether I was gonna sleep ok or not that night, and instead keep myself entertained. So I was listening to comedy and music on pandora.
       I walked over to Walmart half way through the day to get lunch. I wanted to stay as cheap as possible, so I bought a cold burrito for a dollar. I went back and ate at Starbucks and just got water there all day.
        At around 7 I took off down by the lake just west of Rockwall TX. I found a soft grass spot behind a bank before the bridge over the lake. I made a bed there and hoped I wouldn't get the cops called out since I was exposed and in plain daylight.
        I made a bed and laid down. I was laying with my eyes closed and someone yelled "hey!". I looked up and it was a lady and man in a car. They asked if I was ok. I said yes and thanks. She asked if I ate dinner? I said ya and I was ok, and still thankful to her. Then I told her what I was doing. She thought it was awesome and followed me right there in twitter. She offered me money, and I told her no and that she didn't have to. And that I was ok. I told here I'm just trying to take what I need and I was still ok off of how much I have had so far. Usually if someone asks I won't take it. If they just hand it to me I will. And she said she will be praying for me. Then before she left, she came back and said she knew I didn't want it but she wanted to give it to me to buy breakfast tomorrow. So I smiled and laughed and said thank you so much!
        I laid back down and hoped the cops still wouldn't come or that the sprinklers didn't turn on mid night. I fell asleep and slept pretty good that night.


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