Day 83, June 25, 2012

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   I woke up on behind the roller skating rink next to the railroad tracks. The train was going by every 20 minutes or so through the night which woke me up constantly. It was about 9am when I woke up as the sun was heating up.
     I packed up and headed up the 80 west through Terrell. I walked about 3 miles to taco bell where I was gonna take the day to rest. I was still dead tired and wanted to stay out of the heat. So I went in and ordered food off the dollar menu. I plugged in to charge my things and relaxed.
      I sat there a while and a guy on my twitter came to visit for lunch. He brought me some supplies and bought me some taco bell. He was a really nice guy and said he actually started a twitter just to follow my trip on there. He heard about my walk through his work and they are all supportive.
        So we sat there and talked a while. I still hadn't fixed my wheel on my cart and he noticed that. He gave me a nice pouch to carry my small supplies in and it was perfect to keep the small loose things together and organized. I was thankful and he brought some really cool supplies.
      After a while he took off for work and was on his way to Louisiana. Then about 10 minutes later he came in and said he forgot to refill his drink. He dropped a bag off at my table. Inside were parts to fix my wheel. That was cool. He left again. It really picked me up to have the visit. I always get help in some way when I am down. By help I mean the company and encouragement.
        So I spent most of the day inside taco bell out of the heat. I was still trying to figure out a new schedule around the brutal heat of the day. It was about 105 degrees out and very humid. Hard to even be outdoors. And I need to walk hundreds of miles through it to get to my destination.
       So at about 6 I headed out and went to a church about 4 miles up. It was so hot and a few minutes into the heat I was covered in sweat. When I got to the church I made my bed on the side of it. Next to me was a bunch of trees and the locust bugs were buzzing really loud.
       I laid down and was soaking wet. I didn't know how I was gonna rest and be able to walk through the 2nd part of the night. But I tried. So I laid there for 2 hours sweating and tossing and turning. The locust were so loud too it was almost ear piercing.
       Then at around 9:30 all of a sudden a side door opened and it was a cleaning lady that was coming out with something. When she saw me she got scared and went back in and shut the door. I was figuring the cops would show up shortly so I packed up quickly to leave.
        I walked another mile up the 205 to find somewhere to sleep. It was the edge of town and there wasn't much. So eventually I just went out to a patch of grass next to a tower. I ended up making my bed there and laid down. There were tons of beetles crawling on me non stop. It kept me awake most of the night. I somewhat fell asleep around 12 and had my alarm set to wake up at about 3.


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