Day 84, June 26, 2012

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 So I woke upon Day 84 hearing my alarm. I always sleep so light out here in case I hear something. So I woke up easy. I laid there looking up at the stars. It was about 3am. I laid there a few minutes then got up. I had woken up about 10 times through the night to swipe beetles or spiders off of me. The bugs there were all over.
        I took off walking at around 3:30 down the 80. I draped a reflective vest over my cart on the front. I was tired but it was cool temperature so it was better to walk in during the hot weather.
       I walked a good pace until the sun came up. The shoulder was rough so I would use the lane until a car was coming, then I would move over.
       When the sun came up I was getting hungry. I stopped for a break where a truck pulled off. A guy gave me $4. He said he wished he had more and I told him that was a lot for me and I can stretch it!
        I walked a ways when a truck turned around and pulled off. A guy around my age got out and came up to me. He asked if I needed anything? I said no but I could use prayers. He asked what I was doing. He was behind me and said he had a bumpy road but that he found god in his life to get him through. He had cancer when he was 11 and survived it. The doctors have him a response he didn't want to believe, so he prayed and his prayers were answered even against what the doctors had said he would go through. He was very inspiring and his story was powerful to me. It was pretty cool!
        I walked a few more miles and a lady pulled off. She was really sweet. She gave me two breakfast burritos and $13. That was really cool! Then she said sorry to bother me. I told her no way! She helped me so much. Made me smile as she drove off and really made me feel great.
         I finally got to Rockwall! It was a long walk and by now it was already very hot! It was only 10 and was nearing 100! I came to a truck stop and inside was a burger king and Starbucks. So I went in and cooled off. I planned to stay there until the heat let up in the evening to be able to fall asleep outside.
          I sat there most of the day. I talked to a couple truckers. One was a old white guy who was pretty funny but a little rude. Then a mexican who had some tips for me to cross the mohave desert. Like possibly sleeping in culverts to stay cool. At around 6 I took off towards a church
         I got to a church and it was huge! I went to the back and found a good spot to hide out. It was between a brick wall next to stairs and the building which was also brick. It was hot. I laid there about an hour then finally fell asleep.


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