Day 21

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        I woke up at around 9 behind a storage yard and next to highway 80 in Sacramento. Been in Sacramento over a week now and was really hoping to get a lift out of there soon. Me and chuck packed up our things and headed back down the street to the 49er truck stop. 
        On the way there chuck told me he was gonna buy me breakfast. We went burger king and he treated me. It was really nice of him and I planned to share more of my pizza with him for lunch. 
        After we ate we got to the truck stop and sat by the exit holding or signs. We sat there about an hour. Chuck said that he felt in his fake knee that rain was coming. Sure enough about 20 minutes later it started sprinkling. It was getting heavier and heavier so we decided to go into the truck stop and stay dry. We sat in the movie lounge and watched movies. I wrote my journal. They also have wifi so I used Internet. 
       The rain turned into a thunder storm and heavy rain. We watched out the window as it came down. For most of the day we just stayed out of the rain and watched movies with some truck drivers. It was a relaxing day. 
       I heated up some pizza in a microwave there for lunch. We enjoyed that and finished what I had left. A few hours later for dinner chuck went and bought both of us burgers from burger king. 
       After dinner the rain was down to a sprinkle and we decided to walk around and look for somewhere to sleep that night. We checked the firework booth but it was leaking pretty bad. We walked next door to a tractor dealership and there was a big overhang in front of the store. It was lit up and visible to the road but was really the only dry spot around. We figured that was our best bet.
       We went back to the movie lounge in the truck stop and watched dodgeball. At around 9:30 we decided we should hit our spot and go to sleep. We wanted to get up early the next day before anyone came into work at the tractor dealership. They opened at 7 so we wanted to get up at 5:30. So we headed out of the truck stop and walked that way. On our way out there we ran into a backpacker who was looking at a map outside. He was a young guy with a pitt bull. He said he was headed to Oregon but had never been on the west coast. He was confused looking at the map. He asked if we knew where to stat dry for the night. We told him where we were heading and he asked if he could join. So he and his dog followed us. Be had a bad limp and said he got nailed by a semi two days ago. He was a trip.
       We got to the overhang and made our beds up. I fell right asleep. We had all slept a couple hours. At around midnight a voice woke us up saying "hey, you guys can't stay here". It was a cop. He said he got a call and had to come and get us off the property. We woke up and packed our things quickly. He was cool about it. We told him we were just trying to stay dry and we would get out of there right away. We got our things and left. Me and chuck headed to the firework booth. The rain had stopped and we decided to see if it was dry enough in the booth to make our beds there. We looked back for the other dude and he disappeared in the dark and was gone. He must have left the other direction down the road. 
       Inside the booth it was still pretty wet. We found a stack of cardboard by a dumpster. We dug down until we found some dry pieces. We took them into the booth so we could lay our beds on something dry. We passed out again. About an hour after that the sprinklers to the grass next to the booth turned on. Chuck woke up yelling and was pissed because the water was running through his cardboard and he was getting a little wet. He moved to a dryer spot and went back to bed. I fell asleep again too. We were lucky it never rained again or we would have been on a mission to find a dry spot to go. Given the conditions I slept pretty good.

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jan said...

I'm thinking I need to send you a little one man tent...home on the go! You know the kind that pop up by themselves? Keep the ground dry and you dry also...xoxo