Day 18

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       I woke up around 9:30 in the baseball field. I was really exited because Ashley and my cousin Jeremy  were coming to visit me. Ashley was driving from Modesto and Jeremy from the bay area. I woke up, cleaned myself an my stuff and headed to Starbucks. 
        I went to a taco bell right next to Starbucks at around 10 to eat something off the value menu. I sat there and wrote for a while. Most of my writing is not just my daily journal but more of what is in my mind through this all. 
       I met Ashley at taco bell at around 12. We took off to check out old town Sacramento. We walked around there a while. We went to a train stop where they were unveiling a new stamp with mark twain on it. We checked it out and I took a picture.
         My cousin Jeremy met us in old town and we went to a Starbucks. Jeremy brought me an extra iPod touch he had so I could get back up online. We needed to figure out a few things to get it working right so he brought his laptop and dialed me in. We left there and walked around old town a little more before my cousin Jeremy had to go. It was really great to see Jeremy and give him a hug. I love my family and the fact he came out to help me and visit really made me feel good. 
        Jeremy took off and me and Ashley headed to a park. We hung out and talked a while there and enjoyed cool shade together. I really feel like I have known Ashley for a long time and for some reason feel really comfortable around her. We stayed there a while talking and connected. 
       We took off to go eat dinner and she again insisted in taking me out. I still felt really weird but was just really happy she was happy to visit me. Ashley told me that seeing me is the best part of her week and that really made me think, and smile. We went to a Mexican restaurant in old town and it was really good. We sat on the second story which looked over the street there. It was fun and we saw a bunch of interesting things. 
         After we ate we headed to the same park I stayed at the night before. I walked out to make my bed under some trees and she ended up laying down with me for a little while. We talked a little but and realized it might be the last time we saw each other for a while which bummed me out a little. I walked her to her car and kissed her goodbye. She headed home and I headed back to my street life. After seeing my cousin and her in one day, I felt really alone when I laid down to sleep. It was weird. 
     I went to bed around 11 and slept really good.

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