Day 22

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      I woke up Wednesday morning in the firework booth with chuck at around 8:30 am. We woke up and packed our things up. We were both surprised we stayed as dry as we did through the night. 
     We headed into the truck stop. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and stuff, and chuck went into the movie lounge. I joined him when I was done. We both were talking about really hoping we could get out of Sacramento sometime that day. Even though I'm in no rush I was wanting to see something new.
      After watching a few episodes of the first 48 (one of ashleys favorite shows, which reminded me of her and how I miss her), we decided to head outside for a while. We sat outside holding  our signs at the truck exit. 
     I Searched my gps for truck stops and the next one was Dunnigan a ways north. As I looked at the map I finally realized not many truck that were heading north were stopping at the 49er stop I was at. It's hard to explain but most of the trucks there are heading all other directions. If you look at a map and truck stop locations you can see why. I figured I would give it one more day then start to walk north.
       We sat there a while into the late afternoon. Chuck left to go get lunch. He bought me two burgers and was happy to give them to me. He had been taking good care of me and taught me a lot about the road, and life in the couple days I hung with him. I was very happy to meet chuck. Great dude.
        After a while I decided to take a break. I went near the firework booth to relax. The booth was open and there were a handful of people working in it. 
       I sat there a while and a few of them cane out to take a break and sat near me. We started to talk. They were Christians and were raising money for their church. I talked to them a while about some of the things I have experienced on the road. I also talked to a girl Liz who I was able to give pointers to on nutrition (which I have studied and have done for work before). She wrote some things down that I shared. 
       A little later about 7 members sat around and asked me to share my story with them. So I did. They were really happy to see what this journey had brought me so far. I told them about a few miracles I ran into and they loved the stories. I also told them about chuck and his stories, and that he was a great man.
      The pastor asked if they could pray with me, and I said of course. They all placed their hands on me and prayed for my safety and blessings on this journey. It was great. 
      I told the pastor I believed in god (or a god) because I feel that at times. And also that I would love to believe more but just can't unless I feel it in me, or I see it. I always am open to anything and hope to feel more of a truth someday soon. A real truth.
      After we talked it was time for them to put all the fireworks away in a storage unit. I helped them move it and cleaned up a little too. 
      Before I left they started to give me things. Before I knew it I had a new bible, a new jacket, a pack of cinnamon rolls, a bag of fresh cherries, and a yogurt. I was really happy and they were very exited to share with me. I wasn't really that hungry but figured I could share it with chuck. A woman there also told me she could take me north about half way to dunnigan in the morning. I was very exited and told her I would love that. 
Before they left chuck came over. They also gave chuck a nice blanket. I was happy to see that. 
      Me and chuck walked away to head to our camp area. We got half way through the parking lot and ran into a girl and her dog standing outside of her suv and pop-up trailer. She was a little sporadic and loud. She was headed to Reno but ran out of money and gas. She had a sign in her windshield  that said stranded and that she needs gas money. She was making a bed in her suv to sleep there for the night.
         As we talked to that girl another homeless girl (or houseless as chuck says) walked up to us. Her name was Mandy and she had a really strong accent. She was from Australia. She was probably late 40's. She had a couple bags and she seemed very on edge. She was a little frantic telling us where she was headed. Her and her husband were in redding, CA on vacation. Her husband got really drunk and had been arrested and expedited back to there home state (Kansas). She had no money or no way to get back and hadn't talked to him since his arrest. You could hear emotions in her voice. She got to Sacramento from redding with a trucker who tried to sleep with her. She told the trucker she is married and respected her vowels. She was very emotional. I felt bad for her.
      We told her we were heading to a camp spot and she could join us for protection. She was happy and said she would appreciate that. Chuck bought her dinner and we went to our camp. We got there and it was pretty wet. So me and Mandy headed back to the truck stop to look for cardboard. I talked to her and was actually able to calm her down. She told me the same thing happened a year ago but in Los Angeles. I was thinking "man she must really love her husband". And the entire time she only said good things about him. It was actually pretty cool to see her commitment to him was that passionate. 
      We found cardboard and were headed back. A man in a Toyota truck pulled up and asked where we were going. Mandy said Kansas and I said north. He offered me a ride up to woodland. I would have taken it but Patty from the church group was already planning to pick me up in the morning so I told him thanks, but no thanks. 
      We got to our camp and made our beds. Mandy went to the truck stop to watch tv a while and me and chuck talked. I also gave him the food I received earlier and he was pumped because he just smoked a bowl and had the munchies. We talked about the road and people you run into. He gave me pointers on how to know the difference between a street hustler, and a good person on the streets. His tips made sense and I knew they would help me. 
     Mandy returned a while later and we all laid out next to each-other. I kinda laughed at the situation I was in. Never thought I would be camped out homeless with two people on cardboard. It was pretty cool to feel happy and smile during that. 
      Chuck yelled out a few minutes later "$hit!" and sat up. He said a slug was on his hand. He told me when the air is moist the slugs come out. He told me if you get packs of salt at a station and put it around where you sleep it keeps them out. I flashed my phone light and saw a few that had crawled onto the cardboard around me. I flicked them off and then climbed deep down in my sleeping bag. I went to bed at around 11. I didn't sleep well that night and think it was from being exited to get a ride the next morning.

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