Day 16

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       Me and the boys (Chaz and Ray Ray) woke up at 6am in the dirt field. By that time ray ray had already gone to hustle some more money and got a coffee. We rolled all of our beds up and walked out of the field. 
       We checked out the north freeway on ramp but the boys said it was no good and that we should go north to the next one. So we took off again along frontage roads to the next exit/onramp. We saw a sign when we approached it that showed the businesses at that exit. Chaz yelled out "KFC!". He said that KFC serves homeless people for free and that the old man left it in his will when he died. I didn't believe that until it would happen but I figured I would give it a shot. 
      We got to the onramp and they were both upset and said that it wasn't any good for hitchhiking. They seemed to be in a hurry to get a ride and were much more upset than I was about it. I am in no hurry and am just living each day regardless of what happens. 
      We stopped there and ate the sandwich. It was good. Chaz needed to take a dump all of a sudden and started clinching. There was a Porte potty next to us from a construction job. He did the clinch walk to the blue house but there was someone in there already. He came back and was pissed and said it was hurting. The guy was in there a while. Finally the construction worker came out and Chaz clinched back over there. Right when he got close another worker came from the other direction and went in right before Chaz got there. He was so pissed and he kicked the dirt. Me and ray ray were dying! Eventually he got in. 
       After that ray ray said he was headed back to the truck stop and Chaz was gonna walk on the freeway. So we did a three way hug and said goodbye. Chaz said good luck my sons. It was cool. I headed to a Safeway down the street that had a Starbucks. I tried to use wifi but it didn't work. So I wrote in my journal a while there. 
       At around 11 I decided to go to a Starbucks down a little ways to try to see if the wifi there would work. Before I took off though I wanted to try the KFC thing that Chaz told me about. I went in and asked them if it was true and what Chaz told me. They said they don't have that policy but they would let me do it that time. The way it happened was almost like they will do that but aren't supposed to tell anyone. It was interesting. But anyways they asked what I wanted and served it to me. They also piled on extra food that I didn't even order. I thanked them very much and took Sheeba, the girl who took the orders picture (above). I grubbed out and it was amazing. 
       I thanked them again and headed to the next Starbucks. I got there and my wifi still wouldn't  work. I asked a few IPhone users and nobody could figure it out. I was pretty bummed about that because I couldn't talk to my family or friends, or Ashley. 
       I left walking towards the apple store in the mall downtown but it was pretty far away. I walked a few hours. On the way I took a break at a bus stop. A car pulled up next to me and gave me a donation. Her name was Rae and she was really sweet. I told her a little about what I was doing and she wrote down the website. She also offered me a smoothie she had just bought but I told her I was full but thank you. 
       After walking a ways I found another empty fireworks booth. I decided to stay there the night. It was still early but I was tired from walking and the booth seemed like a good safe spot to sleep. I made my bed inside of it and crashed out early.

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