Day 1b

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Yesterday was my first day out. I left my cousins house walking but turned around after 100 yds because I forgot my belt. Ya that's right. I left for good after that. I walked half a town over to AT&T headquarters in San Ramon and stopped on some grass for an hour to rest. I then walked to the end of town to Starbucks to use wifi. I ran into two friends there(met through cousins[ Josh Van Pufflen and Jeff Esposito]) and they talked for a bit, said they supported me 100% and when I walked off they chased me down and gave me $20 each, I tried to deny it but they insisted, then they gave me a hug and said good luck. It really made my day and I smiled for hours after that. I then made my way to southpark in Danvillewhere I would rest for the night. It was there I really began to think clearly about my journey. It was about 10pm when I was laying on a slide on a playground there where I was looking at the moon and began to speak to my inner self for about 30 minutes. An idea came over me... Here I am on the streets traveling for the world. I have NO bills at all. My only expense is food which I can keep extremely cheap. That's it! Besides of course misc emergency things that may come along. I am a big hearted generous person for those who deserve it. I think I can become the ultimate giver to people around the world in need. Although I will be more like a worker for the people who donate to my cause. It is great because I can support and help to the world when natural disasters hit. Which it seems lately has been happening a lot. I can live for close to nothing and maximize the potential of donation money. I know there are organizations like this already but I don't think they will go to the extreme of living on the streets to save all they can and provide the MOST for others. I will mail my mother the donations, but keep a modest emergency fund with me. I will save the peoples money and when it becomes enough, will travel to places where I can help. Right now my interest is traveling to japan to help post quake and tsunami efforts. And after that I would like to continue wherever else I can. I want to do this from the ground up, literally. And have a feeling this idea could have some serious potential inthe future. Maybe a whole organization of people being selfless and living this lifestyle to prove to the world they are here to help. I want to be a blessing to others who are in need and deserve the help. If comfort or wealth come later then maybe it comes. But for now I think this is the place for me to be. I tossed and turned most of the night and was cold and hardly slept. But my thoughts were extremely comforting and free, and that to me is an amazing life... 

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Being free is amazing!