Day 14

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       I woke up getting blasted by sprinklers. I was in north Sacramento in a park sleeping under some trees. I drug my stuff onto a concrete slab in the park. All my stuff was pretty soaked from being hit multiple times during the night. I gotta say this was probably the most frustrated I've been since being on the road.. I hung my stuff up on the fence to dry at about 8:30am. I sat in the sun also so that the clothes on my back would dry up. I sat there about an hour an listened to music. The sun was pretty hot already and my things were pretty much all dried up after an hour. At that point I was able to kinda laugh about it. I packed up my things and headed to Starbucks down the street. 
       When I got to Starbucks I was outside using the wifi. A security walked up aggressively shaking his head and said "no no no! Get your stuff and get out of here!" I nicely asked him why? He said "I won't have anyone pan handling here so pick up your stuff and move on!" i told him I don't ever ask anyone for money and I'm using the Internet. He said to me "I've heard it all, cmon, pick up your things and go before I have to make you leave". At this point he was being pretty rude and probably power tripping. So I told him I'm gonna go inside Starbucks and get a drink. He shook his head and got onto his radio as I walked in. I ordered an iced water and sat down by the window. I didn't see him outside. I pulled out my journal to start writing. About 5 minutes later he walked by the window looking in. I held up my water and gave him a big smile and thumbs up. I think it pissed him off.
       I wrote and ended up staying at Starbucks for most of the day. I met a few people in there who I talked to about my journey very briefly. 
       At around 7 I left there to head towards a truck stop. I got about half way and I decided to stop at a park I came across. I laid down next to some bushes and decided I would stay there for the night. I laid down and closed my eyes. I heard someone walk up to me about 10 minutes later. It was an older white guy wearing only Jean shorts and was tatted up pretty good. He came up and asked me if I smoke weed? I told him no. He started to walk away saying sorry man, I don't want to ruin your life. I told him it's all good and I don't have anything against it but that I just don't do it. He came back and talked to me for about 15 minutes. His name was Norm. He was 58 and homeless. He had a camp down by the river where he stayed. When he was in his early 20's he started a chain of bank robberies. He worked alone so he didn't have to worry about snitches. He robbed 25 banks and in his mid twenties he finally was caught robbing number 25. He was sentenced to prison, a year for each bank robbed. He was to serve 25 years but only did 18 and 6 months. He told me when he got out he was an old man and didn't know how to live. All his life he had women taking care of him or the prison tending to him. When he got out the first 3 months were very tough on his own. But eventually he learned to eat out of dumpsters and take medicine. He learned to get by. He said he now works for a grower selling weed legally to make a few bucks. He lives a straight life now and feels great. He was drinking beer from a weird looking mug he had and said he enjoys a few beers everyday and smokes his weed here and there. He took off to meet his boss at a grow house. 
      As I laid there I saw a heavy set guy with little shorts on and no shirt swinging a golf club. He was an older Mexican guy with long hair. He was hitting a golf whiffle ball through the grass in the park. His swing looked a little rough and he only hit the ball a few feet each swing. Every time he would swing and barely hit the ball he would yell "$hit!". He did that about 10 times in a row. Finally he nailed the ball, it flew so far it went into some really tall weeds where he probably wouldn't find it. When he first hit it his face lit up and he was pumped. Then as soon as it landed deep into the thick weeds he yelled "$hit!". I was cracking up to myself as he looked into the weeds for about a minute before giving up. He took off into a housing track after that.
       I ended up moving my stuff to a backstop of a baseball field and making my bed. I listened to music and passed out. At about 1:30 I woke up hearing some teenagers who were walking behind the backstop. One of them said they were pretty drunk and they were all giggling. They walked through the dugout and onto the field. They walked right near me and when they finally saw me they screamed and took off running. I heard them stop a ways off saying "that was a dude just sleeping there". I laughed a little then passed out again.

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