Day 11

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I woke up Saturday morning in an outfield of a baseball field in Davis,CA. Right when I woke up I was exited because I was going to get to spend the day with Ashley (a friend from home) she was meeting me at Starbucks in the afternoon.
     It was about 9:30 when I woke up (sun woke me up). I noticed a group of people in a parking lot across the way so I went to check it out. It was a senior rummage sale (basically a big garage sale for seniors to come and sell personal belongings). I walked through it but it was small and there wasn't much to see there. 
     I left to head to Starbucks. I got there in the late morning and wrote for a while and relaxed. Ashley was coming fromModesto, CA a little over an hour away. 
     When Ashley got there I was so happy to see her and was exited to spend the day with her. We have been talking on and off for about 5 months and I really like the person she is. She has a heart of gold. 
      We sat down at Starbucks for 5 minutes and then decided to go to a farmers market down the street and walk around. We walked through there and sampled fresh foods and listened to a couple park musical groups playing for money. It was such a nice day and it was real relaxing. I was always raised a country boy and never really did much like this so it is a little new and different to me. Actually cities in general feel that way to me.
      At the end of the farmers market we checked out an old library on the corner of the block. It had a bunch of historic things and information about the town. I read in there that Jesse James jumped his first train in Davis, CA. There were some other cool stuff too. 
     After we walked around a while we went to a park to relax and talk. We sat down on my blanket in some shade and just talked about both of our lives. Things we go through, feelings we have about things, and what we want in the future. I really like the things Ashley says and basically everything about her. She is proud of me and what I'm doing. The fact that she is supportive makes her more attracted than she already is. We talked about how its been cool for me to have close to no material possessions an still feel happy. We talked a while there then decided to go back downtown to eat.
      She insisted on buying me lunch even though I tried to not let her. We went to froggys bar and grill and ate really good food. That may be the first time a girl has paid for my food (besides girls I live with or shared money with in the past). It was a little weird for me but the food actually still tasted the same.
     After that, we headed to Sacramento as it was on her way home and it was the next town I was trying to get to. We stopped at a Starbucks off the 99 freeway. We went to another park across the street and hangout a little longer before she would head home. We talked again a while and it felt really good because she understands me and I can see in her eyes she respects my thoughts. It was like another me (but way prettier) and whatever I talked about she understood. I felt very close to her and have wanted to kiss her for a while so today I did. It felt really good and I was pumped. We talked for about 30 minutes there and eventually fell asleep together taking a short nap. 
     It was about time for her to go so we walked back to her car at Starbucks. She was sad to leave and even though I was not acting sad I was too. She gave me a last kiss goodbye and she headed home. It was a really great day and I never expected it to be that good. 
     I stayed at Starbucks for a bit while I wrote in my journal. They closed at 9 so I left there and headed back to the park across the street. The area was a little rough and I was spotting a lot of homeless dudes around me. I figured sleeping in the open like the other parks probably wasn't the best thing so I found a spot hidden away and dark where I was less visible. 
      I was worried about some tweakers trying to steal my backpack so I rigged up a little safety attachment to myself. I put my belt through the loop on top of my backpack. Then I wrapped the belt tight around my wrist and tied it together with some shoestring I had. That way if someone grabbed it I would feel it pull my wrist and it would wake me up. Also it would be hard for them to rip it away from me. I laid down with that connected to my arm and my knife in my other hand (in my pocket) and closes my eyes. I thought of the day I spent with Ashley while I laid there. I went to bed around 11 and slept like a log. This town has a bunch of tweakers so it might be an interesting stay.


jan said...

OK...starting to think I should contact STARBUCKS and tell them they need to donate to your journey. I am serious...they need to know about you! Hmmm...think I'm on to something here! :D

Anonymous said...

I agree, I think starbucks should know about this!